Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Kenny's Albums

Albums of Kenny

Real Name: Kenneth Michael Theresa Zuzarte

Stage Name: Kenny

The maverick entertainer, who is 6'3" tall with shoe size 12, does his own make-up, designs his own outfits, portraying female lead roles n sings foot-tapping solos in female voice for the last three decades on the Konkani Stage has eight audio and 2 video albums to his credit. Kenny has also performed in both Goan, Manglorean tiatrs, musical shows and also stage performances for the Hindi and Konkani Entertainment Industry.The albums details:

1.SUSIE in 1986, Audio Cassette
2. KISS ME AM SEXY in 1996, (audio Cassette)
3.SWEET 16 in 2005, (audio cd)
4. MARIA CONCESSAU in 2007. (Audio CD)
5. Crazy kelai Re -  2007 – (Audio CD)
6.Swing with Kenny 2009 – Audio CD
7.Konkani Karnival – (Audio Mp3)
8. Lets Chacha with Senorita – (Audio CD)

1. Miss Kenya 2008 - (Video CD)

2. Film Star  - (DVD)
Lyrics of songs to be updated....