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Songs with English Translations

1. Dont Worry Be Happy - Alfred Rose

Goa tum amchem Goemkaranchem,
Goa you belong to us GoansGirestkaien borlelem, neketr Indiechem,
Endowed with riches, star of IndiaGoa tum amchem apurbaiechem, bailea lokak faidechem
Goa you our beloved, lucrative for outsidersAntam zalam lokachem
You are now universal
Bailo lok Goem eun veta, soglem marog zalam mhunntat torui
Foreigners come to Goa, everything has got expensive.. even then we sayDont worry be happy,
Baile munis Goeant dondho korta, ami Goemkar tanche thond poitat torui
Outsiders do business in Goa, we Goans gape at their faces..even then we sayDont worry be happy

Goa tum amchem Goemkaranchem,

Goa you belong to us Goans,Girestkaien bhorlelem, Neketr Indiechem
Endowed with riches, star of IndiaOh Oh Goa tum amchem apurbaiechem, bailea lokak faidechem
oh oh Goa you our beloved, lucrative for outsidersAntam zalam lokachem
You are now for everyone
Golden Goa tuka mhunntat, punn fatlean nanv pirdear kortat torui
We address you as Golden Goa, but subsequently while despoil your name, sayDont worry be happy
Soro pion pott bhor jeutat, ani soro marog kela mhunntat torui
Upon drinking liquor we satiate our stomachs, and yet complaining the rising liquor prices, say
Dont worry be happy

Goa tum amchem Goemkaranchem
Goa you belong to us GoansSukh-dadasponn soglemchem, mankulem goa
Joy and Happiness of all, tiny GoaMogachea Goa tum amchem Goemkaranchem,
Loving Goa you belong to us GoansDuddvank lagon zalaim tum dusrea lokachem
Money being the cause you now belong to others
Goemkar borem nanv zoddunk, fattim soronam kitloi duddu moddunk
Goans do not hesitate exhausting money to attain acclaim (to feel exhalted, put on airs)Mhunnta dont worry yeah be happy
Saying Dont Worry Be Happy
Christmas new year paskam kortat, foggoteam porim duddu moddtat torui
Celebrating Christmas, New Year, Easter, spending (burning) money like fireworks
Dont worry be happy
Kitleo konkani kessetti yetat, marog passun zalear ghetat
Numerous Konkani cassettes are released, we buy them even though they may be expensiveMhunntat dont worrie by happy
Saying..Dont Worry Be happy
Goa bailo lok zaito Goem yeta, zage amche sovai gheta
Goa, Many foreigners come to Goa, purchasing our lands cheaplyHo amcho guneav puta
This is our blunder SonOh oh goa sobai tuji pirdear zait veta
Oh Oh Goa your charm continues to be despoiledAmi tankam zage vinkta, magir chintun roddta
We sell our lands to them, later upon reflection we lamentDont worry oh oh be happy, dont worry be happy dont worry be happy

Dont worry be happy!

2.ADLEM BHURGEPONN sung by Alfred Rose

Lahn astana iskolak vetalom,
When I was young I used to go to school
Ghara yetoch bhurgheam xim kheutalom,
Returning home I used to play with the boysLisanv korun rebekui xinktalom,
After my lessons, I used to study and play the violin tooAvoi bapaiche vengen jietalom,
I used to live in the arms of my parents
Molladik tem bhurgeponn, anik amkam mevchem na
That precious childhood, we will never get againOzar lakh dilear passun konn dinvcho na,
Even if you pay lakhs no one will give it to youOktam kitlim ghetlim tor, tem ghott zoddunk zaunchem na,
Even if you take medicines, you will not be able to bindVinktem gheunk chintlem zalear khuinch mevchemna,
If you think of buying it, you will never findDukhi konti vollkonaslom anv bhurgo astana,
I never knew what sadness and pain when I was smallKhuxeal vaddlom teo dasti nastona,
I grew up happily without worries at all
Khorench atam xincop tem chodd zalam,
Nowadays education has become much moreItlem xincop, khellonk vell mellonam,
So much, that there is no time to playEdo so potto vis-ponchvis book tache lagim dorunk zaina
A small boy can't carry 20-25 booksDukollta tho iskolk vetana
He pushes himself as he goes to school
Iskolan lissanv kitlem, monan vochona titlem
In school there are so many lessons, that the children can't absorb themKhotta amchea bhurgeamchem noxib futlem
Alas ! our children's luck has been badTem soglem lissanv zaina, khellonkui vell mellonam
They can't finish all the lessons, they have no time to playTor atanchem bhurgeponn zait hem koslem,
So what sort of childhood is this?
Bhurgea ponnar tanchea mathyar vojem kitlem
The children are loaded with so much on their headFuxeal aslem tem bhurgeaponn adlem
Happy were the childhood days of oldIskolak than yeta 4 voramcher,
From school they return at 4 o'clockTutionak mhunn vetat 5 voramcher
They go for tuitions at 5Porot ghara yetat tim 7 vo 8 voramcher
They come back home at 7 or 8Rath dis tanchem mon focot lissanvcher
Day and night their mind is only on lessons
Ters korunk vell mellona, khellonkui vell mellona
They can't get time for the rosary, nor time to playKhellonk oxim osot zalear, lisanv zaina
If they go to play, they can't finish their lessonsMuineachea muine exam, maim paik pasun suseg na
Every month exams, even the parents have no peaceHea fuddem kosle dis yet mhunn Dev zanna
God knows what will be for them in store in future
Atanchim bhurgim khorinch uxear hem sangchi goroz na
Every one knows that nowadays children are really intelligent,Amchem tem sukh hea bhurgeank mevchem na
Whatever happiness we had, these children will never getBhurgeponn, bhurgeponn,
Childhood, oh childhoodAtanchem bhurgeank mevchemnam, ami bhoglam tem bhurgeponn
Modern children will never enjoy the childhood we hadBhurgeponn, bhurgeponn,
Childhood Oh childhoodKhuxelborit aslem amchem adlem bhurgeponn
Happy was our childhood of the olden days
3.KAN KONNACHE? - Alfred Rose

Eka sobit ghorabeant Devan bhurgo dilolo,
To a lovely household, a boy was gifted by the Almighty,
Pollounk sobit distalo, ghorabo soboitalo
A handsome lad who brought the home beauty,Mennache bauleche porim, Devanuch kantoilolo
God had carved him in the form of a wax doll exactFocot kan tache vhodle asleat, ho eok defet taka aslo
Only that he had large ears, which was his only defect
Iskolan tho boro xinktalo, punn bhurge taka chavoitale
He studied well at school, but other children would tease him on,Sogleach vatani tho uxear aslo, punn kann tache vhodle mhunn kendtale
Though smart in many ways, his big ears brought him their scorn,Inocent dukham polloun, bapaik balle bhortale
Seeing his innocent tears, his father's heart did break,Pondra vorsani ekuch foll dil'lem Devan, avoik choddfodde bhogtale
God's only fruit in 15 years, his mother suffered heartache
Duddu asleat lakhani, topaslo dotorani,
Having money in lakhs, he saw top medical seers,Dusre kan ghalche podle sanglem vhodle voizani,
The specialist doctors advised a graft of new ears,Munxeache kan bazarant mellona bhav-bhoinnani
Brothers and sisters you know that human ears in the market aren't found,Torui kagtamcher anus ghalun avaz kelo tea potrani
So a newspaper advertisement was put and an announcement made around.

Avchit konn eok fuddem soron, kan apleak bhettoileat taka,
All of a sudden someone came forward and their ears to him donatedBhurgo vhoddlo zatoch vinchartalo,sang maim he kan konne dileat maka
When the child grew up, he asked his mother, who the ears had gifted.Maim putak sozmaitali, hem puta poddonk na tuca
The mother made him understand, saying that it was not his concern
Tum khendneantlo suntlo itlench puta puro anik vinchar korinka
"You have been saved of mockery, nothing further you need learn.".
Avchit maim duvent zali, anturnar ti xevtoli,
Suddenly the mother fell sick and took to her bed,Nimni zap kornastana hospitalant ti sompli
Passed away in hospital without her last words said,Avoi sompli tem polloun, putachea kallzak dukh zali
Seeing his mother dead, sorrow filled the son's heart,Maim mhunn putan avoi putak veng martoch, ghuttachi battli futli
When he hugged her saying "Mother", the bottle of her secret broke apart.
Pallou tichea matear aslolo, putan veng martoch tho kodsorlo
When he grasped his mother, the veil of her sari was peeledDonui kan tiche katrun kaddleleat, ho ghutt ticho anga ugto zalo
Both her ears were cut off, this secret of her's was revealedPutak kheddneantlo soddunk, tinem sacrifis kelolo
To free him from being mocked, this was her great sacrificeHo assa bhav-bhoinani avoicho mog, konnakuch soeg nam zatolo
Brothers and sisters this is a mother's love..none will suffice.

4 GOEMKAR - By Remie Colaco
Song can be heard at :
This song was sung by Remmie Colaco for his tiatr Ghorachem Sukh, since live recording clarity is not so good.

Ami Goemkar uxear mhunn amkam sounsar vakandta,
We Goans are smart and that is why the world envys usAmchem ganvchem nanv ghetoch bhailo lok chodd sontosta,
When they take the name of our state, people outside are happyAmi Goemkar fidalg mhunn amchi voddvik uloita,
We Goans are FIDALG, shows thru our greatnessAmchem fidalgpnn polloun amkam bailo lok fottoita,
Seeing our fidagponn outsiders cheat us
Margao Ponnje Mhapsa Vasku ganvani,
In cities of Margoa Panjim Mapuca VascoBiznessachem markit assat bhavani,
Brothers there is a business marketTachi podh gheunk chintlam keralkarani,
Keralites have tried to take charge of thisAiz Vasku cho markit sampddailo tanni.
Today Vasco Market is captured by them
Amchem kitem zait konn zana, ami fuddar chintina,
We dont know what will happen of us, we dont think of futureDuddu amche lagim ason ami business korina,
We have money but we dont go for businessAmkam serkar loan dita thovui ami kaddina,
Our Govt. gives us loan but that also we dont takeAmi biznessak vavrona dekun voir ami sorona,
We dont work for business and hence we dont come up
Ami BA Bcom xinkon zale vhoddle,
We grew up doing our BA BcomPunn teknikal kors korunk visorle,
But we forgot to do technical coursesDekun bhaile enginer antam Goeam pavle,
Thats why the Enginers from other states reached GoaAni nizache Goemkar bekar urle/poddle.
And real Goans were left jobless

Ami Goemkar mhunnonk nanv punn ganvchem chintinanv,
We have pride in our name but we dont think of our stateFocot politics kortanv jedna asta tedna elissanv,
We only take part in politics when there are electionsNodor marun poina koso cholta tho amcho ganv,
We do not see how our state is moving onHindu tori xanni punn nhoim ami Christanv
Hindus are smart but not we Christians.
Ek dis marekar temp tho yetolo,
A day will come when things will be terrible
Niz Goemkarancho pavor denvtolo,
True Goans will have no powerBhailo lok Goa ganv aplo mhunntolo,
People from other states will say Goa is oursGoemcho chif ministr keralite zatolo,
Goa's chief Minster will be a KeraliteTedna mojea utramcho ugdass yetolo,
That time you will remember my words.
English translation by Mr. Venantius Pinto
Sung by Felix...English Translations by Venantius Pinto
Song can be heard here.

Aslem khoim ek kulleamchem exhibition vhodlem,There was presumbaly a large exhibition of crabs,Akhea Bharatant oslem hem poilech pautti ghodlemThis happend for the first time in the whole of BharatScientistank vhodle vhodle amontron tannim dadlemReputed scientists were sent invitationsAmerikak than dog Amerikan scientistank apoun adlemFrom America, two scientists were invited to attend
Exhitbitionak kulleo khoimcheo, barik motteo BombaicheoIn the exhibition were crabs, tiny and large ones from Bombay,KeralaGujrat ani Madras sabar sabar ganvcheo,From Kerala, Gujrat, Madras among several other statesAndaman Nicobar zuemcheo, Ganga Jamuna noimcheoFrom the Andaman Nicobar Islands, and the Ganga Jumuna riversTea bhair kulleo tannim addlelo goemcheo
Besides those they brought crabs from Goa
Kulleo teo ek ek korun, vochot mhunnon bhair sorun,To prevent the crabs, one at a time going awayEk ek ganvcheo dovrun, ek ek aidonant borun,were separated by state and each, kept in a vesselKulleank teo boreo korun, bond ke'leo dampun dovrunThe crabs were well displayed in their enclosuresSoddun sogleank Goemchea kulleank dovorlelo ugteo korun
Other than the rest, the Goan crabs, were displayed in the open
Tea Amerikan scientist itlean nodor martat chouxilean
The American scientists upon noticing this observedChintunk poddtat vinchar kortat polloun Goemchea kulleank
while in thought, pondering as to why it is only the Goan CrabsHeram kulleank dampun gatleat Goemcheo kiteak ugteo dovorleat
When the others have been confined, yet the Goan crabs are allowed to be freeProsnak tachea zabab oso dilo eklean,
Someone answered their question in this manner
Aikat hem chint dovrun, khoimche teo kulleo dharunListen to this mindfully, which crabs are those that are cruel...Khonnd tanchi pois korun chintat tor bhair sorunin shunning their fear think to move out..escapeHer kulleo gorban borun, voddi tiche paink dovroun
Other crabs engulfed in pride, would pull their legsTica voir choddonk nohoi mhunn bhair soronk, dinant kitemch korunk
They would not allow them to climb nor escape, not allowing for anything
Team kulleo porim ami kortam, hem Goyemkaram thaim ghoddtaWe behave like the crabs, and this happens to GoansCholot morot konnui voir sorot, dolle amche foddta
Despite seeing one move up on account of their effort of hard, we are stricken with jealousyDusro lok poi kitem korta, tea aplea munxeank voir kaddta
Look at what other people do, they uplift their ownGoemkar ami Goemkarunch damun dovortaWe Goans, keep only the Goans suppressed

2. CLAUDIA - Singers: Antonette/Romeo/Martha
Film: Nirmon - Lyrics: C.Alvares - Music: Frank Fernand

Claudia Mogachea, urbeborit jiv assa mozo, 
Claudia my love, my life is agog with excitement 
Claudia niz mojea, dolleamcher xapla rupkar tuzo 
Claudia my very own, your visage imprinted upon my eyes
Claudia kallzant yea, mogacho petton assa uzo, 
Claudia in this my heart, is a burning fire of love
Claudia poi anjea, mog amcho mataro zai nezo, 
Claudia my angel behold, our love will never age 

Moipassan, nivta tan, jivit amchem nhoim ek sopon 
Affection subsides ones thirst, ours life is not a dream
Bhurgim tan, sangatan, balo don kallzant assa topon 
Ever since childhood, side-by-side, two hearts empierced by a single arrow 
Onodan, noxiban, ghutt amcho uro nezo lipon, 
With pride, as luck will have it, our secret cannot remain hidden
Vhodlo man, sonvsarant, boreponn dovrit zalear vompon, 
Being esteemed, and through maintaining goodness in this world one sprouts
Claudia, Dev Bapan, rochleant ektaim jieunk ami, 
Claudia, God the father created us to be together
Kitem zanv, dhor tensanv, fokot moron ghalit dukani, 
Whatever, even if tensions abound, only death can cause sorrow 
Claudia tujem nanv, sodanch kheuta mojea vontanim, 
Claudia your name, always plays on my lips
Gorib anv, zannam ganv, mogan girest sorvoi vattanim 
I am impoverished, this is known in the village, but in everyway I am enriched by love 


Ek dis bhagint anv gelolim
One day I went to the garden,Thoimchim addunk don tin abolim
To get some abolim flowersTim ghevun, ghara anv voitalim
While I was returning home with themVaater eka cholean maagon getlim
On the way one boy asked me for them and took them

Abolim anv sodanch addtolim
I shall bring abolim-flowers every day,Tukach ditolim,
I shall give them only to you,Tumghe ghara konn asai re fullam malltholim
Who is there in your house to wear the flowers?

Abolim ditana dhukani anv roddlim
Whilst handing over these flowers I wept,Maka mallunk zai munn addlolim
I had brought them because I wanted to wear them,Motin mojea utram euzolim,
Some words went through my mind,Tednam ankwaar anv aslolim
I was then a maiden
Abolim anv sodanch addtolim
I shal bring Abolim flowers everydayTukach ditolim,
Shall give them only to youTumghe ghara konn asai re fullam malltholim
Who is there in your house to wear the flowers
Deva tujea lagim magtam
God, I pray to you,Feliz côr mun tum maka atam
To make me happy now.Kazarache aumde vite kadtam
I am longing to get married,Dukãchim dukam golloun rod´tam.
I am weeping tears after tears.
Abolim anv sodanch addtolim
Tukach ditolim,
Tumghe ghara konn asai re fulam malltholim

Adeus korcho vellu paulo,
The time has come to say goodbye
Ai mojem kalliz re fapsota
This heart of mine is beating.
Dispedir korchea vellar …….}
At this moment of saying farewell,
Ho sonvsar naka-so disota…}…2
I don't feel like living in this world anymore.

Vochu re voch re roddum naka
Go, Go my love don't cry,
Devu feliz kortolo tuka
God will make you happy.

Sogleam am’gamko sanddunum
Leaving all your friends,
Vetai tum dispott’to zoddunko
You are going away to earn daily bread
Tuj felicidad choicheako
To see your happiness,
Otrekanim rabtam mu re hanvum
I am anxiously waiting

Ch: Vochu re voch re roddum naka
Devu feliz kortolo tuka

Forsan adeus tuka kortam
With reluctance I say farewell to you.
Fugar zaun, dukam re golloitam
Suffocated, I melt into tears
Zaite martir hanv bogitam
I am suffering many a martyrdoom,
Ankvarponn tukach re bhetoitam.
This my virginity I dedicate to you alone

Ch: Vochu re voch re roddum naka
Devu feliz kortolo tuka


Angounn ami keleli re dogainim,
Both of us made solemn vow
Gopan dhorun roddlim ami dukanim
We wept our sorrows in each others arms
Kallzam amchim ghantailelim chintnanim }
Our hearts were wrapped up in thoughts
Guspoll amchi keli moga amchea gorcheanim } 2
But alas! We were wrecked by our own relatives

Ch: Khoxi kazarachi, nirdukai ghorcheanchi........
Our desire to wed, envy of our own dear ones
Moga bhirmot futtom amchea dukhamchi..........}2
They will suffer the ill-effects of our tears

Amchim chintnam varear ublimnam,
Our thoughts did not vanish into thin air
Rogtachim dukam ghoddun konnem puslimnam,
No one wiped our tears of blood
Papa-Mamak segred amcho gomlonam, }
Our parents did not know our secrets
Devan amche churchure matui kelenam, } 2
Even God did not take pity on us at all.

Ch: Khoxi kazarachi, nirdukai ghorcheanchi,….}
Moga bhirmot futtom amchea dukhamchi }2

Siole Sant Antonichea mazar,
In Siolim, St. Anthonys square
Bhas ami dileli zauncheak kazar,
We had pledged to get married
Sounsarak korun ami nomoskar, }
Bowing in adoration to the world
Xirap ghalun doriachea larar soddtaum suskar }..2
We curse the waves of the sea and sigh with pity

Ch: Khoxi kazarachi, nirdukai ghorcheanchi,…. }
Moga bhirmot futtom amchea dukhamchi }2


Chondrima porim rupkar go tuzo,.....}
Like the moon is your appearance,
To mojean chintun kobar korinezo.....}2
I just can’t stop thinking about it.
Maka ugddas eta tujo jiu fugar zata muzo.
I remember you, my life (heart) gets suffocated.
Mojean rabnezo eksuro.....}..2
I cannot live without you.

Ai ai Flori,
Oh, oh, Flori,
Maka amizad tuji.
You are my friend
Malun xiumteamchi panti,
Wearing a pleath with chrysanthemum,
Beij diun kor maka dadoxi.
Give me a kiss and make me happy.

Molba porim delicado tuji chall,...}
Like the movement of the clouds is your delicate walk,
Ti anv sodanch korim niall......}2
I was always pondering on it.
Xiumtim abolim gunttun, moddem jasmin galun,...}
A garland of chrysanthemum and abolim-flowers, putting jasmin in the middle,
Falleam jello dadtam mallunk.....}2
I shall send you the garland for wearing.

Ai ai Flori,
Maka amizad tuji.
Mallun xiumteamchi panti,
Beij diun kor maca dadoxi.

Cheddvam bhitor tum bemfeito cheddum,
Among all the girls you are the most pretty,
Flori eklench tum mojea mogachem.
Flori you alone are my beloved one,
Dusman passun entrar zalear, revoltanim marun far,
Even if an enemy enters, and shoots with a revolver,
Dolfar assam go anv toyar
I m ready, I tell you.

Rpt Chorus


Gupit mog bhurgeaponnailo,
Secret Love of our childhood
Devan amkam nirmilolo,
God had destined for us
Atam zalom hanv eklo,
I am now alone
Ekvott zaun tuzo, Mog doxim zalo,
You got engaged, our love was seperated
Uggdas ieta moga tujea utramcho....2
I still remember your words.

Ch. Bhurgeaponnachea sukha,
The joy of my youth
Ekloch dovorloi maka,
You left me alone
Koxem puttvolem tuca
How did you afford
Sanddcheak maka.....2
To leave me

Kazar zaumche adim moga,
Before getting married, love
Don tin chitti boroil’leo mhaka
You had sent two three letters to me
Chitti vachumchea vellar,
At the time of reading the letters
Roddunku eta, kalliz fapsota
I feel to cry, my heart beats
Anik sounsar naka so dista.
And I dont feel like living in this world

Ch. Bhurgeaponnachea sukha,

Eksurponn mhojeru ailem,
Lonliness has come upon me
Devan mista formailolem,
Must be destined by God
Dogam pariamchem zhoddem,
Like a pair of two doves
Mogan bhonvtalem,
Living in Love
Kalliz go amchem,
Our hearts,
Aiz thaun separaru zalem.
From today onwards are separated.

Kedinch chintunk naslem re monant
Never did I think (in my mind),
Mog tuzo rigot mhunn mojea kallzant
That your love would enter into my heart
Sobit rup tujem pollelea uprant
After having seen your pretty features
Auchit podlom tujea mogan
I fell in love with you suddenly

Yeo Yeo moga
Come, come my love.
Yeo mojea anjea
Come, my Angel.
Aniku ghe maka
And Take me,
Gopant tujea
In your embrace

Derantulean tum passer zatanam
When you used to pass my house
Lensan kortaloi sinalam
With your kerchief you used to give me signals
Vegim vegim paiank ghalun chinelam
Wearing my slippers quickly, quickly
Bhair soron meji tujim paulam
I used to come out and watch your steps

Yeo Yeo Moga

Rat dis ugddas maka yeta tuzo
Night and day I am thinking of you,
Pikasanv toklent sonsunk nezo
I cant bear these sufferings
Magumya atam adar Devacho
Let us now seek help from God,
Vegim ekovtt zauncheak amcho
To be united (be married) soon.

Yeo Yeo Moga..

Moddgovam prasar ubim astana,
When I was standing at the Margao Bus stand
Kunkollechea bosichi vatt poitana,
Waiting for the Cuncolim bus to come
Deklo tuka ponjeche bosir choddtana,
Seen you boarding the Panjim Bus
Dogaimchi nodor ek zali chintinastana.
Our eyes met each other without thoughts

Ch. Tedna dovea kupani bhorlo dislo soglo sonvsar
That moment the whole world seemed to be filled with white clouds
Ozaranim neketram porzolltalim unch ontrolar
Thousands of stars were shining up above the sky
Mogacho vell udelo mojea kalzar
The time of love rose in my heart

Bos tuji prasaruch astana,
While your bus was still at the stand
Deklo tuka zonelantlean mhaka poitana
Saw you looking at me through the window
Mogache dolle dolleank laitana
When our love eyes met each other
Kalzam amchim ek zalim uloinastana
Our hearts became one without uttering a word

Repeat Chorus…Tedna dovea kupani

Bos tuji prasaveli sut'tanam
As your bus left the Bus-stand
Bandlelim kallzam separar kortanam
Separating the two tied hearts
Sogott maka poitalim dukhani rodtanam
Everyone was watching me crying with tears
Moddgonvchea prasaruch ubim astanam
While I was standing at the Margao Bus stop

Repeat – chorus ..Tedna dovea kupani

Sodanch anv Moddgovam yetelim,
I will always come to Margao
Prasar yeun Ponnjeche bosik poitelim,
And watch the Panjim bus at the stand
Kedna tor tum yetolo mhunnon axen rautelim
Hoping and waiting that you will come one day
Mog amcho khoro tor jerul meutolim
If our love is true, then we will surely meet

Repeat Chorus…Tedna dovea kupani

8.REGINA BUS - Antonette

Regina te bosin bosson,
Sitting in the Regina Bus
Bhair sorlelim anv Bombaim vosonk
Got out to travel to Bombay
Khuxik tum mojea aslolo boson
You were sitting beside me
Tuka lozlim anv tuji voddok nason
I felt shy since not knowing you

Boss suntli re prasaveli,
As the bus left the bus-stand
Tuji nodor mojea nodrek geli,
Your eyes met mine
Ponje tunvem maka zap keli
Panjim you spoke to me
Mapxem pautoch vollok zali.
When we reached Mapuca we got to know each other

Patradevi chaiek ravli bosso
The bus stopped at Patradevi for tea
Tunvem khandar hat ghatlo osso
You moved your arm around me
Poilo poilo sant tum disso
At first you looked like a saint
Noko zalim tum mhunn vhodlea kanacho sonso.
Didn’t know that you were a rabbit of big ears

Bos voir voir ghantacher chodli
As the Bus climbed the ghats
Anvem bhion bhion tuka veng re marli
I embraced you in fear
Tunvenui maka ghott dhorli
You also embraced me
Tedna than tujea mogan podli
Then on I fell in Love with you

Boss ti pauli Kankoli,
As the bus reached Kankolli
Hotelan soglim voson jeuli,
All had dinner in the hotel
Dogaim ami busintuch rauli,
We two remained in the bus
Ani arxe dampun appa lippa keli.
And closing the window glass we played hide n seek

Ratchi thond podot lagli
It was chill at the night
Tunvem maka tuje vengent ghetli
You took me in your arms
Rathbor ami keli re ghutli
The whole night we slept holding eachother
Boreak podlem sittam aslim munn fatlim
It was good that our seats were at the back

Bos Bomboi pauli Sion
Bus reached Sion, Bombay
Ghora mojea anv gelim re denvon
I got down and went home
Khub rodlim re thoinch ubim ravon
I stood there and cried a lot
Mog tho kobar zalo, moga bombaim pavon.
It was end of Love, as we reached Bombay

Tujem adress sandlem re moga,
I lost your address my love
Pixeam bhaxen sodunk bonvtam tuka
With madness I am searching for you
Bombaim bosi lagim mev re maka
Meet me at the Bombay bus
Regina bosint rautam tuka.
Waiting for you in Regina Bus

9.SANGATU MOGA TUZOYour friendship, my love

Sangatu moga tuzo,
Your company, my love,
Suko-sontos re jivacho.......}2
Is the delight and joy of my life.
Kuddinto atmo asleari muzo,
As long as there is a soul in my body,
Mogu visronamna re tuzo..........}2
I will never forget your love.

Orsanchi amizade re amchi, amizade re amchi
Our friendship of many years,
Zaunchi sasnachi......repeat..orsanchi..
Should last for ever.

Gopantum getleari tuka,
When I take you in my arms,
Pormoll yeta alecrintso...........}2
I breathe the odour of rosemaries.
Kedinch mogu visrum nuzo,
I can never forget the love,
Te tuj’ inocente kallzacho.......}2
Of your innocent heart.

Orsanchi amizade re amchi, amizade re amchi
Our friendship of many years,
Zaunchi sasnanchi.
Should last for ever.

Dispedir korchea vellar,
At the time of bidding goodbye,
Kosolo akant amcher ailo,
What fear engulfed us.
Zal’ disol’ mhaka khobar,
I felt that it was over,
Jivu mhoje kuddintulo.
The life in my body.

Oichea oita tum re moga,
You are leaving, my love,
Tarvar nangor ubharilo,
The anchor of the ship has been lifted,
Devachem besanv magtam tujeri,
I am praying that God may bless us,
Korun orasanv orasanvari.
By offering prayers and more prayers.

Surya denvon guelo,
The sun has gone down (The sun has set),
Kupant chondrim re udelo
The Moon has risen in the clouds,
Amorecho vellu komesar zalo…}
Angelus time has commenced
Moga khuim tum re pavolo…….}2
Where have you gone, my love.

Sodanch amguer tum yetaloi
You always used to come to our house,
Mojea gopant ieun bostaloi
You used to sit in my arms
Atam kiteak ingratu tum zaloi…
Now, why did you become ungrateful
Konn dusman tuka sampoddlo…}.2
Which enemy did you come across

Adeus, adeus moga
Goodbye, goodbye, my love,
Itlean sonvsar maka naka
I do not want this world anymore
Dolle mhoje damtoch re moga...}
When my eyes close my love (when I am dead)
Fattlean dukam golloinaka....}2
Do not weep when I am gone

(a different version)
Mojea intera disa
The day of my burial
Don-tin chitti meutoleo tuka
You will receive two-three letters
Tevui vachun euxi zalear moga
That also if u read and come my love
Ximiterint 'addam' meutelim tuka
You will get bones in the cementry.


Ugddas yeta mhaka natalamche ratricho
I remember that Christmas night
Tho dis zaun assa amche amizadicho
That day of our friendship
Niall kor-re moga chondrimacho
Consider, my love, the moon
Tacher somplo soglo mogu amcho
All our love has been placed on it.

Sintid na moga, lisanvamcher bogor tuje
My mind is not on my studies, but only on you, my love
Dekhun fattim dimbi ghaltam bankacher
That is why I am kneeling on the back bench as punishment.

Papan Goeam than haddun mhaka
My father has brought me from Goa
Iskol xinkonk ghailem re Bandra
And sent me to a school in Bandra
Axetalim moga, chitt borounk tuka
I was anxious to write a letter to you,
Khotta madri mojea fattean bonvta
Pity the nuns are spying on me

Sintid na moga, lisanvamcher bogor tujer
Dekhun fattim dimbi ghaltam bankacher

Goeam gazta khoim khobor, avoi
The news must be roaring in Goa
Cheddum Inglez xinkta mhunn Bomboi
That our daughter is studying English in Bombay
Goeam aslim tedna rebek xinkoitaloi
You were teaching me violin while in Goa
Ghara vetana ek beiju ditaloi.
When going home you used to give me a kiss

Sintid na moga, lisanvamcher bogor tujer
Dekhun fattim dimbi ghaltam bankacher

Ratriche nident anv sopnetam,
When I sleep at night I dreamUgddas eta lisanv kortanam,I remember you when I studyTuje vinnem moga sukh maka nam,Without you my love, I am not happyAbras beiju tuca anga than ditam.I am sending you an embrace n kiss from here
Ch. Sintid na moga, lisanvamcher bogor tujer
Dekhun fattim dimbi ghaltam bankacher

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Add Nanvam - Name Calling

ADD NANVAM: Singer: Emeliano de Borda Lyrics by: Domnick Vaz

Mogall Ixttano/Dear Friends

As you may be aware, that each village, house, and individual had a nick name or add nanv in Konkani. There were nick names for houses like...prossoragher(professors house) tonto/boiro Juanv (lame/Deaf John if there were too many Johns ) etc. Individual nick names were kept by kids as well as grown ups.In my village we as kids kept a name for one social worker as "Metter Culher" (meddling spoon) as this guy would interfer whenever there was ladin, wedding, any village function and even in the church. The elders would name the older in our village they kept a nick name for the Padigar as 'Tomat"(tomato) cause our parish priest was fair and would turn red as tomato when he was angry. Likewise nick names were also kept for each village..Well I do not mean to offend anyone, neither should any Goan from the South take this as derogatory. I myself have heard a few of these names in Goa. I know similar names also for Bardez as in Moira..Moidechi pissai..fools of Moira..who tried to collect the sun rays in a barrel so that they may have sunshine in the rainy weather... Poders of Siolim..etc

For each villagers I would still prefer to call them with the Konkani name with KAR ending instead of ites or in Navelkars instead of Navelimites or Navelimians. The Konkani version has a double meaning and many of them are proverbs, so when we translate we may loose the original meaning. There is short story behind each village names as an eg say about pixe...since they hid in village well. The village well was a common place in those days, so when any bannalkars commited an offence they would hide in the well and soon be they kept the names for bannalkars as pixe..mad or fools.
The English translation is still under debate, and I would like to hear from the natives of the villages for any suggestions/views. pls feel free to write to eddieverdes at hotmail dot com.
Many Thanks(Chodd Dev Borem Korum) to Venantius Pinto for assistance in English translations.

Sangtam khalti utranim, goroz aikonk soglleanim,

I am telling it in humble language (words), its essential that all listenKonnui mhunntelet Emeliano sangta kosli kannimAnyone may say, What stories is Emeliano telling us?Hanvem aikolam kananim, sangon zaitea lokanimI have heard with my ears, as told by many peopleGoemche sogle ganv famad mhunn add nanvanimAll Goan villages are famous for name calling/nick names
Ek-ek ganvank toxench ghorak, add nanvam assat khoreanim

For each village and likewise house, there truly are nick names
Punn tim add nanvam ghatlelim purvozanim
But these names were assigned by the ancestors
Tum put zalear khaxea ganvcho, ganvchim add nanvam zannam zaucho
If you are the real son of your village, you should know the names of the village
Hanv zannam tim add nanvam sangtam bhavanim
The ones I know—those nick names will I tell, brothers and sisters

Kellxekarank mhunntat dantan tarum khailole
It is said, people form Kellxi (Cavelossim) ate ships with their teeth
Cormonnkar kirmidor - pain putank marlole
Carmonkars – Criminals - fathers killed sons
Orlekar doule - douleanim xetant pez jeulole
Orlekars – laddles: ate rice gruel (kanji) in the fields with laddles
Varkemkar virar - sokallchi ladhin kelole
Varkemkars – absent minded, for performing the litany in the morning
Bannalkar pixe - baint lipon raulole
Bannalkars - mad, remained in hiding in the village well
Colvenkar kole - Bannalche monti sokol roddlole
Colvenkars – foxes – howling 'neath the Benaulim mount
Bettpattkar chunkar - te chuno kanddun vinktale
Bettpattkars – whitewashers, they would prepare and sell plaster of lime plaster
Mazordkar murdar - Devak bandar dovorlole
Mazorkars – ruffians(rough n tough), they kept the Lord (statue of Jesus) on the dam
Kanngam chorunk gelole
They went to steal water melons
Adim xiknnar munis thodde, choddxe kudde asson dolle
In the past few were learned, most were blind although having eyes
Vhoddle bhurge rakhnne distale gorvam kodde
Older boys were seen as sheperds minding the cattle
Choranchi neidad Cansalle – Velsaumkarank tum polle
A redoubt/bastion of robbers was Cansaulim - observe the people from Velcao
Binddanchim solam rostear meutalim Dabole

Bindam Sollam (red fruit/kokam) would be found on the roads of Dabolim
Vasco sogleank ambeam modde – ruchiche khube Chicale
Vasco set amomgst mango trees - for tasty shell fish, Chicalim
Sam Jacint Zuemkar - te boddkan tambddele
St. Jacint Island - redfaced

Avoi vhoddle bukul Curtalle –
Big cats (tomcats) in Cortalim

Naguiam igorz bandunk chire haddle
They brought bricks to build the church in Nagoa

Ratche dongrar goddbodd zatalet Sancoalle
At night creating a ruckus on the hill – Sancoalle
Cansallkar chor – neidadik xet chortale
Cansalkars – robbers, they usurped the fields for the feast

Velsaumkar khuim sokallche xit jeutale
Velsanvkars presumably ate rice in the morning

Dabolkar binddam solam vonttank laitale
Dabolkars would apply (kokam) Bindam solam extract to their lips

Vascokar makodd – ratche ambeamcher boison rautale
Vascokars – monkeys, sit and wait at night on mango trees

Chiklekar khube – dorian buddon kaddlole
Chicalkars – shell-fish, would dive intio the sea to get at them

Sam Jacint Zuemkar xedde – boddkan tambddele
People from St. Jacint island wet – red faced

Curtallkar bukul – lokache buddkule foddtale
Curtalkars – tomcats, they used to break peoples pots

Naguiemkar taxe – igorzen bandunk chire tastale
Nagemkars – cutters, they used to cut blocks (of laterite) for the church

Sankoallkar ghodde – ratche dongramcher daumtale
Sankoalkars – horses, they used to run to the mountains at night

Goemchi ithias ti khori, sogott zanna zalear bori
This is real Goan histroy, it would go good for everyone to know

Chodd korun atamchea bhurgueank kaim hi khobor nam
Mostly the youngsters of today, who dont know much

Konnank anv okman korinam vo anv hem ghoddun sangonam
I am not offending anyone, nor am I making up this

Somplelea Evagr Georgin sangon zannam
I have come to know from late Evagrio Jeorge

Vernam, Nuvem, Seraulim- undir mamancho gaum Moddgovam
Verna, Nuvem, Seraulim - Uncle Rats house in Margao

Navelim kaddun to famad gaum Chinchonnam
After Navelim comes the famous village Chinchinim
Velim anik hanv sangonam – Assolna sogott tumi zannam
Velim I won't say more - Assolna you all know

Cuncolim kaddun to vhoddlo gaum Canncona
After Cuncolim comes the big village Canacona
Vernemkar boil – te tokli haloitale
Vernekars – bulls, they would shake their head

Nuemkar uxear kansou kaddunk matien purlole
Nuvemkars smart(Tortoise), dug out the tortoise from under mud

Suralkar piddeam mest mhunn konnui sangtole
Suralkars – anyone will tell you they were masters of Palm

(Piddeam Mest - Piddo is the solid part of the palm, mest can be a cook/ can be
either they were good in making up stories or yarns)
Moddgoumkar undir – bat kanddun pol kelole
Margaokars – rats - threshed the paddy for seeds
Navelkar thembi – te thembe dakoilole
Navelkars – drops, they showed drops (as in uncharitable)

Chinchonnkar firingui munis – ithiasin pacharlole
Chinchonkars – foreigners/learned people (as in having ideas – considered foreign), noted in/through history

Vellekar landde – te bhioun poulole
Vellekars – short tailed - they had fled in fear

Osonnkar mog korunk uxear – kopelan mog kortale
Assolnakars quick at love, would make out (get amorous) in the chapel

Cuncollkar dha-na-dhan – te khuimcheanui daumtale
Cuncolkars – expeditious, they would run / hasten anywhere

Canconnkar naddgue – naddguea mapan lokak naddtale
Canaconkars – cheats, cheated people with false scales