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Konkani Proverbs - P

Padde baint ganvkar.
The headman had hidden himslef in a dry well, asking an old women

not to inform anyone of it. But when pressed the lady who was not
a friend of the headman said “Dont bother me, the headmen might
have gone into a dry well”

Padr Vigar poddla boballar, igorz nagoili.
If the Padre engages himself in activities his own sphere, the church

will be looted. If you neglect your duties, you will lose your all.

Padre-ak nib ornamchem

Padricho sermanv lokak.

Padrinche sermanv vhoneik nhoim. 

Paiem chuklear hoti legun poddta.
If there is a slip of the foot, even the elephant falls down.

Even big maen fall, when they lose the balance in business

Paiemank laglear pusun udovchem.
If you happen to trample on filth, rub it off the footh then and there.

Do not carry small things to extremes.

Paiemchi vann paiemkuch bori.
The sandals are good for the foot alone

Paiemcho kantto kaddunk kuraddi kiteak?
Why use an axe to remove the thorn from the foot.

Little ailings must have little remedies.

Pakte eunchea adim udonk tozvit korchi nhoi.

Pallkent boson bhik magop.
To go begging sitting in a palanquin. A begger on a horseback

Panvollachea niban, moskak udok

Patkacho khuris

Patki tho ghatki

Patki zalear kaim nezo punn ghatki zainaka.
Never mind if you are a sinner but dont' be a traitor

Patoll guant boddi ghalinaka.

Pavsak bhivon nhoint udki marta.
Being afraid of rain, one throws himself into the river. From frying pan to fire.

Pezek naxil’lo xitak roddta.
A man who cannot get gruel, cries for boiled rice. It is no use crying

for things beyond your reach

Pinzloleant paim, sizoil'leant dai.
Don't worsen the situation. If you move the spoon too much

in the boiled food that food will also spoil

Pixeachea athant dili vath, pisso nachta sogli rath.
If you give a lamp in the hands of a demented fool, he will dance

the whole night. Those you are undeserving should not be raised to positions of trust.

Pixeak budh xikoita to odik piso.
The one who advises a fool is an even bigger fool.'
Poddta tho vaddta.
The man who falls grows also. Unless you experience defeats you cannot win.

Poile ail’le kan bore, magir ail’le xingh borem nhoi.
The soft horns which the animal gets first are safer than the horns that sprout later on.

Poilem bhurgem, bhurgem num, Dusrem bhurgem, bhurgem.
Tisrem bhurgem, satisfasanv, Choutem bhurgem tentesanv, Panchvem bhurgem maldisanv.The first child is not a child, the second child is a child. The third child is satisfaction, The fourth is a havoc, and the fifth a curse. The less the better.

Poilem pottoba, magir vithobaa.
First satiate your hunger, then say your prayer.

Poixile dongor sazre, lagxile dongor hagre.
Distant hills look beautiful; near ones are ugly. Polleat re dolleani, aikat re kanani, jib damun boss.
Let eyes see and ears hear but let the tounge stop or shut up.

Often we must feign ignorance though we may be knowing things.
Give thy ear to all, but to few they tongue
Pon’noss lipoin dourit punn tacho vas lipounk zanvchonam.
You can hide a jackfruit but not its fragrance.

Ponktik chuklear zata, jevnnak chukonaka.
He may miss the function but not the banquet.

Porkeamchea mattvant uddarponn.
To be extravagant in another’s pandal. To enjoy excessively at others expense

Potachi nalli ani kanachi palli vaddta titli vaddta.
If you allow the stomach to grow, it grows like the hole in

the lobe of the ear. They both grow and grow. The more you
enjoy the greater your wish for enjoyment.

Pott bhorlam, mhonnun gandd xivonneo ghalta.

Pott bhortuch, ghore ambott.

Pott marun zoth kelem, ani vagan khailem.
A farmer bought a pair of bullocks for his plough by starving himself

and the pair fell prey to the tiger. We save at great inconvenience
to ourselves, but all of a sudden a calamity overtakes us and deprives
us of all that we have saved.
Pottache bhukek, kazreachim follam
Povpi budlo zalear sandnam visronam.
The diver does not forget his cakes on which he set his heart though

he may be sinking. There are persons who will not give up their desires,
though they may be in peril.

Purannantlim vaingim xeakek upkaronant
Purtugalcho khampri.
In order to annoy the Portugese who are fair in complexion, they are called
Portugese Negroes. An insulting expression.

Updated 20/7/2015

Konkani Proverbs N-O

Nachonk noko zalear, angonn vankddem
When one does not know to dance, he finds fault with the court-yard calling it uneven.

Nachteleache paiem melltat ani poiteleache dolle volltat.
The legs of the person who dances get soiled and the eyes
of the man who sees get strained. Those that toil know the troubles.

Naddachem ghor padd.

Nahtana nahli nagddi, nidtanam laili mandri

Naka naka mhunnon voklen dedxem ghore khaile

Nakak dhorlear, tondd ugttem zata.
The mouth is not opened unless you press the nose. You should attack
the weak points in a man and he does submit to you.

Nakan jeulear pott bhoronam!
You cannot fill your belly if you eat thru the nose. You have to toil
yourslef if you want to succeed.
Narl padlearui roddchem, tel vinklearui roddchem
Cribbing for everything

Narlkar roddta narlak, telkar roddta telak.
The coconut dealer cries for his nuts are too tender, and the oilmen
cries too Because he does not get full quantity of oil from them.
An initial mistake makes everybody suffer.

Nessunk nozo zaleari pinzun bhair uddoita.
To throw away a cloth after tearing it up, because one is not able
too wear it. Some people will not give things to others even if its useless to him.
Nhoi masli, nhoi mas, kiteak ghalta fas?
It is neither fish nor flesh, why are you killing with it?

Nidleleak zagounk zata, zago asleleak koso zagoumcho?
You can wake up a sleeping man, how can you wake up a man who is awake?
Nidlolo ani melolo monis ek sarko.
The sleeping man and dead are the same.
Nidlolo nidon gelo, sophear bosloleachea aand kaple.
The wrong man was punished for the criminal fault of another.
The adulterer ran away And the man sleeping in the verandah had his balls cut off.

Nidui zai ani f**-ui zai?

Nillu mozo Nillu, kolteanim khellum, Ghor zoll'lear zollum, Punn Nillu
mozo khellum.
Let my Nillu play and play with fire, let him burn the house but let him play.
Over indulgence to a child results in ruin.

Nirmonn tem formonn.

Niss (rice water) pieleli sun motti zali, xit jeuleli maim bhagon geli.

(evil thouhts finally fail)

Niz mogachem moll duddvamni zainam 
True value of love cannot be weighed with money.

Noddichem kaddit punn boddichem kaddum nezo”
Means that 60 per cent of a child’s personality is influenced by the parents and the remaining 40 per cent is influenced by its surroundings.
Nondnni koxii zanv, koddnom ghott

Nouro-ui mono ani okol-ui moni

Noxib tor ganddu, kitem kortolo Pandu?

Oh munntlear toh gomona
Does'nt know a damn thing.
Oixim, jiv zalo doxim, fondda sorxim.
After eighty, life's closer to the grave.
Okol randd zanv, novro randd zanv, bottache athar duddu udoi.
Let the bride be widow or the bridegroom be a widower give the priest his money.
Omtea kollxear udok rokop
To pour water over a pot with its mouth turned downwords.

Ordea maddar choddon ath soddche nhoi.
If you climb up half the coconut tree and if you let your hands,
the result will be disastrous. Do not give up your heart when you have
progressed half the way.
Orlen-ui dhoronam ani supan-ui dhoronam

Updated 20/7/2015

Konkani Proverbs - M

Maka poddlam mojem ani ximreak poddlam aplea nak-doianchem.

Maddak ani maddiek ekuch kaddum.
To use the same khadu or circular loop of a cord for climbing both the
Coconut tree as well as arecanut tree.

Magunk ienam bhik, viddi voddunk xik.
Learn to smoke if you don't know to beg.

Maim boslea votak(hot sun) gann dista mhunn sang putak 

Maim morta dhuve pasot, dhuv morta novrea pasot. 
Mother dotes on her daughter, whereas the daughter dotes on her lover. 

Maim pai korta pap, bhurguim ditat zap

Maimche dudhak, konnech sor korunk zainam.

Maim-paichea gorvan dhuvek khaili marvan

Makddachea athant mannik dilem.
Diamond in the hands of monkey who doesn't know its value.

Mandlear Dev nam zalear fator.

Manevoile kens fattir nam zalear pottar.
The hair on the neck will naturally fall on the back or on the stomach.
Ones own children n relatives have to be helped and supported

somehow or the other they cannot be left to their fate.
Map boron votlem

Matarechea piraek bhurgeamche khell nhoim

Mazarak dek’ilo kir.
A parrot who has seen the cat; that is one who is frightened or is in a state of fear
Mazor dudh pietanam aple dolle dampun dudh pieta anik somzota apleak konnuch
pollenant mhunn

Mazor ghu lipoita.
The cat hides its dung. There are persons who draw a curtain over their evil deeds.

Mazor jiu dit pun aplo ghu dinvchemnam.

Mazrak sath jiu

Mazran kednam imos soddli xi assa?

Melele maimche dudh pielolo.
One who has drunk the milk of a dead mother – means a fool.
(I am not the one who has drunk the milk of dead mother – means m not a fool)

Melele moxik bara xer dudh, babdi jivi astana ekui naslolo
When the buffalo dies, you say it yielded twelve litres of milk. Lavish praise to the dead.

Melele moxik dudh chodd.
A dead she-buffalo gave plenty milk. The owner demands a very high

price for the buffalo killed accidently stating that the buffalo gave plenty
of milk. The buffalo being dead there is no possibility of proving how much milk was got.
Melelea fattlean konn moronam

Meloleachea tondant mati.

Meza voilem kellem kaddun saguad zoddi naka.
Do not snatch credit deserved by others.

Mhataren kombeak dhampun dovorlo mhonn falem zavchem chukona.

Mhojea babachim bara xetam, anim hanv bhik magun khatam./

Mojea ghara Bara zottam, punn anv bikh magun khatam.
My father has twelve fields, But I am begging. Although my father is a

landlord, I am destined to be a beggar. / Our house has twelve pairs
of oxen for the ploughs, But I am living on charity. There are some
however rich, allow their dependents to live in abject poverty.
Mitt khailolo udok pietolo.
One who has eaten salt will have to drink water. He who commits crime will be
punished even after a long time.

Mixeank ghantt bandlolo.
One who has tied bells to his moustache. This is in reference to a man of
Extraordinary abilities

Moddeak bodovop.
To beat a dead body. To do things which is productive of no good whatsoever.

Moddear kelelem rodnem, ordhear poddlem

Moddlolea Khursak konn chepem kadinam.
No one respects a broken cross.
Moddvollachem Moddem Bhair Kaddlea Xivai Kaim Gomona

Moddeachim xentam kaplear, vozonn unnem zainam.

Mog aslear un-un vodde ghanttar pautat nam zalear xellele legun pavonant (Hun' vodde ghanttar pavtat, punn xelli pez sezarak pavna.)
Hot stuff can reach afar but cold stuff cannot reach the neighbours

Mog asta thuim raag asta. 

Mogan zata tem ragan zainam
What can be done through love cannot be done in anger.

Mogachi mauxi chandneak uvo marta.
The aunt is so loving taht she goes to the length of picking out the lice

from the head of her niece, even during moon-light.

Mogak ani ragak dolle nant, te dogui kudd’dde.
Both love and hate have no eyes, they are blind 

Mogan mog vaddta, divean divo pett'ta 
Love grows with love and a lamp can be lit with another lamp

Mog aslear tuzo ekachea kallzant, xevott na titlo tuka dita man, 
If someone loves you deeply from the heart, that person will respect you till the very end 

Mog-sosnnikai utrak veng mar, jikhtoloi zalear sorg ani sonvsar. 
Embrace the words Love and Patience, if you desire to win a place in heaven and earth
Moidechi pisai.
As great as a fool as the people of Moira village, who try to collect sun rays
in a barrel so that they may have sunshine in the rainy weather.

Mojem marlem xentar, boil gheleat ghanttar

Mollbak dolle pautat, punn hath pavona.

Mollbar polleun cholta to, fondant poddta.
He who runs while contemplating the firmament, will stumble.

Mon borem aslear, Deu dhon dita 

Monant aslea bogor tonddant iena. 
Unless it is in the mind it will not come to your mouth.
one always speaks out his mind

Monant asa tem sopnant dista
What’s there in the mind is visible in a dream

Montrian sanglear ambe zoddtat?

Moronn fondaxim pautoch zodd lagta.

Mortoleak kot'ti bhor udok puro.

Moth aslear, poth nam

Mou meuta thuim konnuim khonddtta. / Mov aslole kodden khonnop
Digging where the ground is soft. Taking advantage of another's kindness.
To dig where the ground is soft. To press where it would yield
Mui zaun sakor khaunk zai.
Humility and selfishness pay rich rewards.

Mukhar voita zoth (plough), toxem fatlean ieta.

Municipalitichea khustar kolvotank nachonk kitem zalam?

Munxeak utor, gorvak daiem.
Just as the rope ties up the cattle, so does a word tie up a man.
Reasoned answers silence many a man

Munis chinta ek, Dev korta dusrem.
Man thinks in one way, God does it in another way.Man proposes, God disposes
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Konkani Proverbs - I-J-K-L

Il’lemxem asa tachem edem korinaka.

Inga na khobor purtugalak zobor

In Min sadde tin.
All put together only 3 n half
Very very few ...E refers to she, Mi to I..means one son n one daughter.

Ixttagot ghoddunk vell lagta, mog korunk vell lagona." Ixttagotichi goddsann, mhonva von godd

Jaki babo, kont kabo

Jea mon'xak pixeaponn somzona tea mon'xak xanneponnacho orth gomona"

Jeutele panacher hagtha.
Making stools on the leaf on which you were fed. Turning ungrateful.

Jiu aslear, bik magon khait

Jivit mhonnlear ek sopon, jivitan borem dovor vompon.
Life is nothing but a dream, do good during your lifetime and leave behind a trail of good deeds.

Kaddi kadlear, paddi voita

Kaddiecho Dongor korop

Kaddli jib laili talleak

Kailintlo usllon ujeant poddlo.

Kama purto mama.
Means, people in general are good to you only when they have something
to gain from the association. When their interest is fulfilled, they do not
bother about you.

Kam zalem voiz melo.
The work is over and the doctor is dead. Ungrateful.

Kaminkarak soglench olduvem dista.
A man with jaundice sees all things yellow.

Kan khata tem bhangar kanant ghalchem nhoi.
One should not use gold ear ring if that ring eats up the ear itself.
However valuable and tempting a thing or a person maybe if that
be not conducive to one’s interests or does not remain gratefull,
it should be shunned.

Kanank vainguim bandop

Kantteanuch kantto kaddunk zai.
A thorn in the flesh must be removed with another thorn.' To remove a thorn by using a thorn itself.

Kanvlleachem roddnem sorgar pavonam.
The crowing of crows does not reach heaven.

Kanvleache xirap ghorak lagona./ Kanvleachea dhoran munis moronam

Kanvleak morachim pakam lailear kanvlo more zata? / Kanvlo nanvlear bokem zata?
If you put peacock’s feather to a crow will it become a peacock/
If crow bathes will it become a crane? Kanvlleak kitloi dhu, tho kallo tho kalloch

Kazara mattvant paddo sodhunk aila.
He is come to the wedding pandal in search of a bullock. The bullock
will not come into the wedding pandal where there are many people.
The one who comes in search of bullock in the wedding hall will be the
one who was not invited and is trying to cadge an invitation.

Kazar zaunk na mhunn, matva pondason gelo na?
A man who is not married, has not been under a decorated pandal
put up for someone else’s wedding? Though a man may not have
actual experience he can have knowledge.

Kelelea mapan bhog

Kellem khavun, sali dhan kelear borem?

Kelolem urta ani randlolem sorta

Khavnk mellta thoim konn-ui dhanvta.
Everyone rushes where there are goodies available.
Khajur pikche vellar, kanvleachea tondant runv.
When the dates are ripe, the crow’s mouth gets sore. A man is unable to take advantage of the good fortune that is waiting for him

Khatanam ghodd, hagtanam zodd.

Khatoloi zalear chonne bolsant asonk zai anne

Khatta pitta, Deu dita, mhunon diss sarumia.

Khaumche govachem ani gheumchem lokachem.

Khaunk jeunk aslear, soire sondanche

Khobro urleo khobranchea manddar, bail nidli govachea anddar

Kombeak pattleam pondank damplo mhunn to sad gali nastanam rauchonam.
(Mhataren kombeak dhampun dovorlo mhonn falem zavchem chukona.)
Even if the cock is shut, it will never fail to dawn.

Kombean sad ghatlo nam zalear suria udeupacho rauchonam.

Kombiek lagim vicharun allyan kadlear borem!

Kombo gelo tarvar, kombi zali gurvar.
The cock has gone on a voyage and the hen has become pregnant. (this shows infidelity)
Konddo ghalun tau poita?

Konkannantlo ghov naka; kappod vhellar vhorum, punn to moje vattek vochum naka.
I do not want a husband from the Konkan, let him leave me in peace and take back the sari that he gave me"

Konnank bienaslolo, khauteakarak bieta

Korit to bhogit

Korodd lasun gobar zata, poddot tor ujeachi kitt.

Kortentlem udok muiek doriya.
Water in a coconut shell is a sea to an ant. A little wealth is considered
great riches by a poor man

Kortolo korun guelo, sopear bosteleache andd kadle

Kulo khorzota zalear matem kiteak khorpitai?
Barking up the wrong tree

Kumbarak moddki dhodd nam

Kumbarachem cheddum faidea vinnem xiddi foddina.

Kumpriment kori naka
Do not make fuss

Kundo khateleak undeachi ruch kitem?
A man who lives on husk cannot appreciate the taste of bread

Kurdean maglo ek dollo, devan taka don dolle dile.
The blind man prayed for one eye and God gave him two.

Kuznant xiztelem, jevnnachea mezar dixtta.

Laguim mavoddo, ghalta bovamddo.
Instead of coming straight to the point, he moves in circles.

Lagxileak igroz pois.

Lamb kaxtti, boddai bextti.
Empty vessels make more noise.

Laxil’le maslek kuxil’li chinch.
Rotten tamarind for the burnt fish. Used when a bad man gets equally bad mate.

Lojek ani Pejek podonam.
If you are too bashfull you will not get gruel to drink. When you want

to gain your object, you must push on with zeal and even with immodesty.
A man who is too bashful does not succeed in life.

Lokachea khustar, tum forne marunk chodd uxxear

Lozta to fosta

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Konkani Proverbs - Ages of a Man

Ages of a Man

1. Panch... Nagdo Nach
We allow our children to run practically naked till they are five

2. Dha.... zaitench kha
This Proverb allows full liberty to the children upto the age of ten

3. Vis... korta kismis
A young man of 20 goes in for romance or love songs.

4. Satt budh natt.
We grow old very soon and a man aged 60 is expected to be imbecile.

6. Noi...Andak choi.
When a man attains the age of 90 he is so much bowed down that his eyes
approach the thighs.

This is shared by a Goan friend:

1 .Vis: khas fis - hip, smart, cool
2. Tis - do not remember
3. Chalis: kaddta dis
4. Ponas: - zalo tonas - means he has started aging
5. Satt: - poita vatt - looking for the road to come
6. Sotor: - fonda bitor - inside the grave, maybe the longevity was 70 then
7. Noixim: addam raxic - means bones in a heap

Konkani Proverbs - F-G-H

Faleam konn kitem korunk ravta to thoinch urta.

Faleam mortolo mhunn aizuch fondant poddonk zata.?
Just because one will die tomorrow, should you fall into the grave today itself?.

Do not anticipate bad things too much. Meet danger when it comes.

Fator marun thau kaddop

Fatorpemchean Goem lagim.
If you go the village Fatorpa why dont you go to Goa which is just close by?

Fattir mar punn pottar marum naka.
Strike on the back but not on the belly. Do not deprive a man of his

means of earning a livelihood.

Faz favor, kortten dhunvor
Too many speeches, but no action.

Fest korta ganv ani pirjentichem/presdentichem nanv.
The village celebrates the feast, but the President is applauded for

the feast. Undue credit is often given to those in authority though
hard work is done by others.

Firngeanchea paeam melolo hoi, punn Kan’ddeachea sangata jielolo nhoi.
It is better to die at the feet of a Portuguese than to live in the company of the Goan Christians.

Fuddlem zot cholta toxem pattlem cholta
The way the front plough, pulled by the bullocks, moves the one behind follows

Ful’lolem ful pormoll nastanam ravonam./ Ful ful'lea bogor pormollona
The flower when it opens out in full bloom, does give out the scent.

Good actions are naturally advertised.

Fulamchea jelian marlear dukhta, chabkan marlear dukhna.
You feel, when beaten with a bunch of flowers, but you do not feel

when beaten with a whip. Some take small things to heart and pass
over greater events.

Fulam vinklim thoim suth vinkchem nhoi.
Do not sell thread or string where you have sold flowers. When you lose

your credit, do not mix with the people who once honoured you;
in fact leave that place altogether.

Gaita toso tallo, ximpta toso mollo.

Just as singing tells about the voice of a singer, watering of plants nourishes 
the budding of flowers

Ganne koden tanti pavosor rauchem nhoi

Gavo pekta punn mau urta

Gavo tuka, dukh maka

Gharant nam don tandull, fest korunk bonvta randdul
Ghat apleak sontos peleak

Ghoddear boson soro pielear matheak choddonam
You can’t get drunk by riding a horse!

Ghoddo ghelar, hoti ghelo mhunnop.

Ghoran noko maim manv, zanna soglo ganv

Ghorantlem moddem bhair sorlea xivai munxeacho valor kollonam.

Ghorcho bedi, bhailo chor
Ghov kapod addta mhunnon, nexill'lem kapod ujeant ghatlem
Cause the husband said he would get the saree, wife burnt the one

she was wearing. Counting the chickens before they are hatched.

Ghov poddla add, ghovachem buddun vhelem khadd.
When the husband falls sick, he is looted.

"Girestamchea kolxeak burak asta"
The water-pot of the rich has holes

Girest soro pielear alegr mhonnttat, Gorib pielear bebdo mhonnttat.
If the rich man drinks, he is called an aristocrat. If the poor drinks,

he is labeled a drunkard. (to indicate the different criteria adopted to judge
the rich n the poor)

Godd randit thor amkam lagta tik.

Godd aslele gadien moos bonvthath.

Goemchi neai ani vaddhlelem cheddum sogleanchea ghorak nosai.
Goan justice and a grown up girl no family would want.

Gori geli votak, kalli zaun alli.
Went in the sun fair, came back black..Golleantlem tut'ta ani untien poddta

Gorbak ani sorgak poddonam
Gorem ghovak borem, Kallem Devak borem!

Gorje portem, khorjek udok
Gorje vinnem konn budkule foddta?
Nobody cares to spend unless he expects to get some profit

Goroz tednam sunnem xime bhair vochon haglelem
Girestachea kolsheak burak assa.
The water-pot of the rich has holes.

Hagtelea fuddem vag re khoimcho?
If a man has a strong to desire to relieve himself he does not care if there be a tiger nearby.

Hagteleak loz nam zalear, polleteleak tori assonk zai

Hai zalea bhogor dukh kovonam.

Hai hai mhunntole khub, khannit udki martole konn na.
There are agood many who give lip-sympathy, but there is nobody who will
Jump into a pit to help you.

Hath paiem ravle, kitem korum baile?
Now that I am grown infirm and cannot work, what am I to do my wife?

Hathacho foll polloupak, arxeachi goroz poddta?
Do you need mirror to see the boil on your hand? 
Do you require any evidence when you know that a certain thing has actually taken place.

Hathan-ui dhoronam ani vorlen-ui dhoronam 

Hatachim panch-ui bottam sarkim nhoi 
Not all five fingers are the same.

Halta tea fatrar ubem ravchem nhoi.
Do not stand on a shaky rock. Take your stand on solid
Try to get support from really substantial quarters.

Halonvchi nhoi dholonvchi, jevchea vellar afounchi.
One should not sermonise before calling for supper.

Handir assa cheddo, sodta soglo vaddo.
The child is on her hip and the mother searches for the child in the village. There are persons so absent minded that they do not know their own mind and behave foolishly.

Hansta tache dant dista.

Hansta tea dadleak ani roddta te bailek patiechem noi

Hanstolo hansta ani babdo roddtolo roddta.

Hanv hansta lokak, xembud lambta nakak.
I laugh at others when there is a mucous secretion running from my nose.

Hanv hansta dhesak, dhes hansta mojea bhesak.
I laugh at the country, and the country laughs at my dress.
While we laugh at others, the others ridicule our defects.

Hanv ghelolom axen, sermanv sanglo firnge bhaxen 
I went to with great enthusiasm, but the sermon was in Portuguese.

Hennem gelear nhoim, Tennem gelear poim, Modem ravchem khoim?
There is a river this way. On the other side, water is in sway In the middle, where to stay?Hor'rak moronaka, gherr'rak mor.

Hotiak ghant bandhunk zaie?
Is there a need to tie a bell on an elephant. There is no need of advertising the merits of great personality.

Hoti sukhlear, gaie-ghotteant bandunk zata?
Can an elephant who is reduced and become thin, be put into and tied in a cow-shed. Great persons even when they have lost their influence cannot be regarded as men of no Importance.

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Konkani Proverbs - E

Ek aikonchem khuim lhan-achem nam zalear vhodd-achem

Ek Charni roddtoli zalear, apli xempddi aloumchich podta.
When a squirell squeaks, its shakes it tail.

Ek Devak, ek Denvcharak and ek Povak,
I have offered one to God (the priest), another to the Devil (the lawyer),

and the other for the people (the physician-politician wedded to the people)

Ek jiv sada shiv (Ekti Deva sarkhi sukhi)
Quite alone - I am as happy as a god.

Ek mojem kalum, khoimchea tolleant ghallum?
I have only one oyster, where shall I keep it. Some think too much

and too highly of their own posseesssions.

Ek patkeak lagun khuim tarum buddlelem
Cause of a sinner ship sank.

Ek soirik korunk, sat zottim zhorunk zai

Ek teomp maimcho, ek teomp sunecho.
One day the mother-in-law is in power and another daythe daughter-in-law.
Every dog has his day.

Eka hatan tallio vazonant.
You can't clap with one hand

Eka faran don bokim marop.

Eka faran sotra vag.
Killing 17 tigers at one shot. Exaggerting ones own powers. Bragging to much.

Eka kapddan bail mhatari zainam

Eka mhunxeak vokod tem dusrea munxeak vikh

Ekach pittacho bobo

Eka pixeak sudhraunk chintinaka, kiteak to tuzo dusvas kortolo, 
Eka Xanneak Sudhraunk polle ani to tujem mhotv lokxant ghetlolo.

Ekdam chor to sodanch chor

Eke ratin faleam zainam

Eka nagoi, teka nagoi, pun Ganapattichi chovot bori fulloi

Ekech malleche munne

Ekleak kelear dusreank noixtt, apleak kelear pelek noixtt.

Ekleachem chougamni jeunk zata, pun chogamchem, ekleachen jeunk nezo.
Four persons can eat one mans food but one cannot eat four persons food.

Eklean gay marlear,dusrean padduk marchem nhoi.

If one has killed a cow, the other should not kill a calf.
Two wrongs do not make aright.

Etolo denvchar, koutolo sonvsar.

Ek fott samballunk xembor fotti marunk zai.Eke fottik xembor fotti.
In order to cover up one lie a hundred lies have to be told.

Ekvott asa thoim boll asa.
Where there is unity there is strength. Unity in Strength

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Konkani Proverbs - D

Dadai nam, puddveim nam.

Dadlo baile adlo, dekhun dadleak man ogllo.
Man was made before woman, therefore man enjoys a superior respect.

Dai astanam hath lasop.
To burn ones hand when one has a spoon to take out hot curry.

Having sufficient means Why should one undergo hardship unnecessarily?

Danth astanam chonne khaumche.
Eat gram while you have yet teeth. Do things when you have the necessary

Danthui aple, vonttui aple.
If there is a quarrel between the teeth and the lips we cannot take sides

because both sides belong to us. When our relations are concerned,
we avoid giving judjement, not withstanding we know where the fault lies

Dekha dekhi gaand xeki.
Imitating others without knowing the truth, just as one would warm his

buttocks in the sun just because another is doing it.

Deklear chor nam zalear xenttam todd.
Thief if caught, otherwise honest. There are persons who pose

to be honest, because they have evaded detection.

Deklem moddem, ailem roddnnem

Dekonk naslem deklem anink sol soit chablem

Desa pormonnem bhes

Despez korun respet nam.

Dev dita, denvchar naddta.
God gives, Devil tempts.God gives and the devil takes away. Often when you luckily get any gains
There arise eventualities which deprive you of your gains.

Dev korta ti vatt

Dev mon polloun dhon dita

Devak anink gorvak soirighot nam
Devak ani Gorvak poddonam
God Detests Pride

Devachem dennem upkaram vinnem."
The gifts of God are thankless.

Devan dileat dant; Devuch jevonn ditolo
God has given teeth, He will also feed.

Deva niban bhott khata.
A priest eats because of the diety. Offerings placed before Gods

are naturally taken away by priests present there.

Dha sorle panch urle

Dha ambe bore aslear ani tantum ek kuslolo zalear, sogle kustat.
One rotten mango can spoil the whole basket of Ten

Dha zannancheo dha kaddio mhonnlear vhoddli ras zata

Dha zannachi avoi vatter.
The mother of ten sons is on the throughfare. Everybody thinks that the

other son will look after the mother, the result being she has to go begging
from house to house. Everybodys business is nobodys business.

Dhadoun pikoilolea ponnsak ghost asonam.
Jack fruit ripened forcefully dosen’t taste good.

Dhanvteleak ekuch vatt, sodhteleak dha vatto.
There is only one way for the man who runs, but there are ten ways

for the the man who searches for him. It is difficult to catch a man who has run away.

Dhar dhodaitanam vaitt monant dhodainaka.

Dhi respet, ge respet

Dhuk kadi nastanam sukh mevonam.Dhuvechea niban, avoi jevta dudhan.
On the pretext of the daughter, the mother feeds herself on milk.

Dilelea mapan gheuxi

Dis aileat ad-die,(crooked/bad) bob martat ghadd-ie.(Evil-gods)

Dista toxem nasta
Things are not the way they look

Diteleacho ath voir, gheteleacho sokol.
The hand of the giver remains above and that of the receiver below.

Dogam xivai gaddi chollonam.
The bullock-cart cannot go without both of them.

The flour from the husband, the salt from the wife.

Dolle astanam dixt nam.
A man cannot see even when he has a good sight.

Dolleam add, sonvsar padd ( Dolleam add, mosonn padd.)
When a thing does not happen in your presence, you do not care

and treat it like a desolate burning ground. Out of sight, out of mind.

Dolle futle mhunn ixeob buddlo?
Even if the eyes be blind, the accounts cannot be disputed.

Truth persists even If you cannot see it.

Dolleanchem tem khorem, kananchem tem fottkirem.
Truth is what you witness in person; One cannot believe in the hearsay version.

Dolleank udok lavun fotti sangop.
To tell lies after applying water to the eyes. It is commonly supposed

that one loses water to them when telling lies.

Don athanim zoddchem, Eka athan khorchuchem.
Earn with both hands, and spend with just one.

Don vhoddeani paim.
People who are afraid to take a stand on any issue. It is not possible to sail

in two boats at one time. People who try to do this get into trouble and
sometimes create a problem for others.

Don voddeancher paim dovri naka, zor dovorxi fanttun morxi.
Never keep your feet on two boats, in doing so you may be torn apart and suffer death.

Dongrailim zaddam Dev ximpta

Dongrachi kaddi ani kaddiecho dongor, Dev korta khinna bhitor.
God can create a tiny stick out of a mountain and in the same way create a
mountain out of a tiny stick, within a matter of a second.

Don ghorancho soiro upaxi

Doriak bhorti toxi sukti asa.
Sea has high as well as low tides.There are always ups and downs in human life.

Doriant assa maso, tachem mol korta to pisso.
Fish in the sea, the one who weighs it is crazy.

Dubleamchea bhurgeamchi gomti lamb, ani girestamchea bhurgeamchi jib lamb.
The poor mans children have long necks and rich mans children have

long tongue. The poor children poke in everywhere for charity, while the
rich children talk too much

Duddu dhiun nhoint povonk vochop.

Duddvamche axek godd vinkun poti leumta.
A man sells jaggery for the sake of money and licks the bag in which

it was kept. This is in reference to people who amass wealth using no portion for his enjoyment.

Duddvank bhul'lo to patkant buddlo.
One who is lured by greed for money is doomed in the
confines of sin.

Duddvamchea, anim rogtache forsar uddonakai, nisron podtoloi.

Dudh ditele poro voch ge,ani f*** ditele aro io ge.

Dudh pivon vikh vonkchem.
Drink milk and vomit poison. This represents the state of mind

of ungrateful man who receives favours but proves treacherous.

Dudhak aileleak moxechem mol kiteak?
Why should one ask the price of the buffalo, when he comes to take

her milk? There are some who are too inquisitive,

Dudhant sakor.
Sweetening the milk with sugar.. rendering matteres still more relishable

Dukh kadlea bogor sukh mellonam.
Unless you suffer you cannot enjoy happiness.

Dukha bhonvtonnim sukh, sukha bhonvtonnim dukh.
Sorrow and happiness are entwined.

Dukor posunk vhelear roddtta,ani marunkui vhelear roddtta.
A pig keeps squealing whether you take it for feeding or for slaughter.
Some people are never content,they constantly complain.

Dukrak cake dili tor to gooch mhunn somzon khatolo

Dushkallan teravo muinom

Dusreache lamb kens pollele, Aple lamb korunk oddle, te tuttle.
On seing someone's long tresses, She pulled hers, but they snapped. Never ape others.

Dusreak kenddtta to apnnacher dolldirponn apoita.
One who criticizes others, invites wrath upon himself.

Dusreamchea dantam poros amchi dhadd bori.
Ones own jaws are better than the teeth of others. The teeth of others will

not be of any use to us when take our meals. If we hv no teeth,
our own jaws will help us in chewing our food. Self-help is the best help

Dusreank bott dakoitolo, zanam za, tin bottam apleak dakoita mhunn.

Dusro nachta mhunn apnnem nachchem nhoim
Do what's within your limits. Literally: because someone else dances, we not follow suit)

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Konkani Proverbs - C

Chakri kelear, bakri meuta.
Serve and you get bread. Lazyness wont pay.

Chamddi diit, pun domddi dinam.
He would rather give skin of his body but not a pie. Shows a nature to stingy.

Chamrachi dixtt paim-ar.
The cobbler's gaze is on the feet.

Champeachem ful ful'lem mhonntoch, tacho pormoll konnachean addavnk zata?
Can anyone stop the fragrance of a full bloomed aromatic flower?

Chear dis mainche chear dis suneche.
This has to do with the ‘interaction’ between mother-in-law and

daughter-in-law with the man caught in the crossfire.
It is all about the battle to dominate one another.

Chear anneachi kombi, ani bara anneacho mosalo.
Four annas for the chicken and twelve annas for the masala.
A relatively inexpensive thing that costs more to maintain.
Four annas make up the equivalent of present day 25 paisas (or a quarter of a rupee)

Chear paieamcho ghoddo chukta, don paieamcho munis chuklear vhoddli bhixead nhoi.

Cheddiek (bitch) kodel asa punn chorak nam.
There is place for bitch but not for a robber.

Cheddvamni kitem-i kelear dista, cheddeamni kitem-i kelear fatra pondak lipta.
The things done by girls are visible, whereas whatever is done by boys is hidden below the stone.

Cheddo madda sarko, cheddum keli sarkem.
The boy like a coconut palm and the girl banana tree. The bridegroom

strong and healthy and the bride tender and sweet, make a good match.

Chiklant fator marit, chikol angar usouta

Chintlelem zalem tor mellelim ghara ietelim
Chintlolim kamam zalolim zalear, melolim ghara ietolim aslim.

If things could be done with thoughts alone, the dead would have risen and come home.

Chodd firangi bhas, haddank urta mas.
Too many Portuguese speeches leave the bones with meat.

Chodd khata taka chodd ass
The more one eats the more his greed increases.

Chodd lagim aslear xingak xing adovtta

Chodd mata-mati, adak na kati

Chodd mest, burra fest.
Too many cooks, spoil the soup

Chodd nahateleak chodd chikol

Choddti val katorchi nhoim.
One should not cut a climbing vine.Sincere efforts should not bediscouraged

Chonneam borabori borodd dollum dium naka.
Don't cast away rice with the chaff.

Chor utton kopolak dorta

Chorachea monant chandnem.

Chorachea hatant torluk. (torluk mhollear bhattacho sambhall korop).
A thief entrusted to look after the property. 

Chorachi avoi ordheant roddta.
The thiefs mother weeps secretly cause if she should weep openly her son

would be caught. When your secret plans fail, you cannot have the
sympathy of any man nor there is anybody to guide you.

Chorak dubav sodanch chandnneacho.

Chorak tondd vhoddlem

Chori korchi aplea ganvant ani bikh magchi dusreachea ganvant.
A man may commit a theft in his own village. His local knowledge

helps him. But he should beg in another village where nobody knows who he is.

Chukik dolle nant.
Mistake has no eyes. Those that commit mistake do so accidentally.

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Konkani Proverbs - B

Bailek ghutt sangonaka, razak fott marinaka ani chogamchem utor moddum naka.
Don’t tell a secret to women, don’t tell lies to the king and don’t go against
the wishes of the majority.

Bailechea nakant nam nath, tika nam patha.
The woman without a nose-ring (a widow) has no credit.

Baimchem tond bhandunk zait pun nuimchem zanvchemnam.

Bail geliar dusri ietha, avoi gheliar dusri mellta?

Baintulo bebo.
The frog living in the well. One who has no experience of outside world.

Baint buddlear nhoint.
To dive in a well and get out from a river. This is applied to very cunning n clever man.

Banz hivonk ani dukhol evunk ek zalem.
Just as the barren woman brings forth a child, there is famine declared.

Sometimes when we get things with difficulty there are good many troubles
attending on it. (Banz= Barren women) (ivonk = pregnant)

Bannxireak zogzogachem suth ailem.
The rag suddenly got a strand of silk. A person becomes arrogant when he suddenly achieves something from nothing.

Bapaichi bhoinn aka, dolleam samkar naka.

Bapui melea vorsak voth chodd ani avoi melea vorsak bhuk chodd.
The sun is more sultry during the year the father dies and more hunger

during the year the mother dies. The father is the supporter and the
mother is the feeder.

Bara brestar, tera sunkrar.

Bara muineak, tera festam.

Bara vorsanche oklen ukhol'lo koro, Avoi mhonntta mhozo kusvo boro.
A grown up girl ventured and the mother praises her womb.

Bebdo ghou kukumank adhar

Bebdeak ani pixeak patiyeum nezo.
Never trust a drunkard and insane person.

Bebo fuglear, paddo zainam.

Bekar mest gandd tasta.
A carpenter without work cuts off his own buttocks.

People who have no work go about playing mischief.

Bekar bhonvlear pott bhoronam, jevlea bogor bhuk thambonam
Idleness will not feed you and unless you eat hunger will not die.

Bekar bhonvtoleak man nasta
Idle man gains no respect.

Bekar bhonvon jevunk sodta tachi kakut konn korta?
Who will pity an idle man who desires to eat?

Bekar thovoi, furnem taxi.

Bhangarachi sui mhunn dolleant galum yieta? / Bhangarachi suri mhunn potant galum yeta
Shall I thrust a needle into my eyes because it is made of gold?

Bhangarchea kollxeak kukma-tiko
A pot made of gold is very beautiful and when it is adorned with a mark

of red powder it becomes more charming. So when a person who has
a beautiful form and excellent character is said to resemble a golden pot
with the red mark.
(kukma-tiko is the red powder applied by Indian women on forehead)

Bhavachi chavi rakta bhauzoi.
My brother's key is kept by my sister-in-law

Bhavart asta thoim Dev asta.
Where belief is, there God is.

Bhattkaran fusko marlear pormoll, goriban marlear ghann
Judging a person's action based on their status

Bhatkarachem vaarem, bhatak saarem.
The landlord’s breeze is fertilizer for his field

Bhair porvoth, bitor khorvoth.
Outside mountain, inside saw. Outside smooth,inside rough.

Do not go by appearances simply.

Bhair goro, bitor kallo
Outside white, inside black. A fair face conceals a foul heart.

Bhero vazop nam mhunno, Ani kudd’ddo nach nam mhunno.
The deaf does not understand the music beats and the blind knows no dancing feats.

Bhikareak sodanch nosai bikareachi.

Bhim toxem baat.
As the seed, so the paddy. As is the fruit so is the seed. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Bhonkta tem sunnem kednach gans marinam. Barking dogs seldom bite.
Bhonkta tem sunnem chabonam, chabta tem sunnem bhonkinam.
A barking dog never bites and a biting dog seldom barks. Those that look
Silent are more dangerous than those who threaten much in words.

Bhonkta tem sun’nem chabona, zankta toh monis vaitt korunk pavona 
Barking dogs never bite, a talkative person (loudmouth) seldom does any harmful acts.
Barking dogs seldom bite, likewise, a talkative person seldom does evil

Bhottak zai zalear omas, nam zalear punov
The priest adjusts his calendar according to his whims.

Bhott baint podlear, dakshina visornam.
Even if the seer falls in the well, he will not forget the donations.
Unwavering lust for money

Bhottalem okod Padrik Poddlem:?

Bhoril’lo kollxo avaz korinam
The pot which is brimful does not make any noise. The wise do not prattle.

Bhurgem roddlea xivai, avoi dudh dinam.

Bhurgeache paiem painneant distat.
The feet of the child are seen in the cradle.

Bhurgo dekhta tem xikta.
A child learns what it sees.

Bhurgeamche mallnek bhim nam bath.
When the children thrash the corn there is neither seed nor paddy.
Refers to ignorant people who cannot be expected to do anything good

Bhurgim zoddit, bhurgim khait

Bhutan ghaddiak lipoilo.
The ghost has hidden the devil exorciser. Sometimes those who undertake
with confidence to remove troubles, get themselves into troubles.

Bhukek tonddak lavunk naka, Nhidek uxem naka.
No appetizer is needed when in hunger, Pillow is not required when in deep slumber

Bhuk khata rukh.
Hunger eats trees.- means that a man who is hungry is not particular

for the taste or quality of the food he gets.

Bikareachea kotten, kavllo haglo.

Bikareachea uxea pondak polli astoch teka jem poddonam.
A beggar does not get sleep when there is bread under his pillow.

Bhoil sandlear ,bhott dhanvta, bhott sandlear konn dhanvta ?"
When the ox jumps away, the priest, its master, jumps to its aid; if the priest vanishes, 
who will be able to go and fetch him ?

Boddi katrun kudke korunk zata, udok katrun kudke korunk zata?
You can cut a stick into pieces but you cannot cut water to fragments.

Boddi diun mar khaucho.
Give a stick (to someone) and inturn get beaten.
Try to help and end up causing a problem for oneself.

Bolsant na xent, ghalun bhonvta pant

Bontrar itlem tor kapdar kitlem?
If the woman in rags brags so much, how much will she brag when

she has a good saree to cloth herself. There are persons who are
too proud, and in their pride forget that they have no status in life.

Boreak gelear fatti yeta.

Borem kelear borem meuta.

Borem kortoleacho konn-ui ugddas korta.
The one who does good deeds is remembered by everyone"

Good deeds are never wasted.

Borim fulam bazarant vorchi goroz nam tim gharantuch khopta.
You need not take good flowers to the market. The customers come to you
for them. Good things always have a ready market. Good wine needs no bush

Borem zalear okol-noureachem nam zalear soirik korteleachem.

Bott launk dilear, Hath galpacho. / Bott dilear hath gillta.
If you give the finger, the whole hand is eaten. There are persons who, when
They are shown a little consideration want to take advantage to the fullest extent.

Bottear bi bosli.

Buddvontank khoim sodanch fatrachem xitt.

Budvontak ginean unnem.

Bukel'lea vaga, kha maka

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