Monday, July 9, 2012

Happy Go Lucky Man - Alfred Rose

In olden days, Konkani Tiatrist in Mumbai used to sing English songs from the records. In 1949 Alfred Rose composed his first English song 'FLOWERS' and after that he has composed and sung many English songs. It is said that his best English song was 'HAPPY GO LUCKY MAN'. The original may be lost but Alfred Rose has re-recorded this song in his 21st album 'KISS ME', the lyrics of this song are below.
'HAPPY GO LUCKY MAN' - Alfred Rose
I’m a happy-go-lucky-man, everybody is my friend,
I have ever to earn and spend, but to live and meet the end,
I’m a happy-go-lucky-man, I’m always a helping hand,
And people ask me, how I manage to be,
A happy-go-lucky-man.
I cannot tell you how dear,
I cannot tell you why,
Who can tell, how little birds are happy in the sky?
My thoughts are very sly dear,
My worries are too shy?
I thank the Lord, for I am still, a happy-go-lucky-guy...}x2
Repeat...I’m a happy-go-lucky-man

Oh how wonderful is this world, in which happiness I find.
This happiness is not sold in a shop of any kind,
It is valuable than gold, always keep it in mind,
But I was not born, with a happiness on,
A happiness of this kind.
Repeat...I cannot tell you how dear..

Chodd anv dadhoxi sonvsarant, noxibvont ekach utran,
Soglle amig, nam konn dusman, nam usko bhonvtam jetan,
Nam eok khotto poiso bolsan, torui vhoddlo man ganvan,
Voir korun man, boddi gheun atan, fidalg bhonvtam rostean.

Sodanch ukttea monancho,
Vhoi anstea tondacho,
Model mozo sarkoch team, vareaveleam pakrancho,
Nam bhar vhoddleam chintnancho,
Oh khonti uskeacho,
Sodanch khuxeal mhunntat maka munis ojeapancho..

Repeat...I cannot tell you how dear..