Sunday, September 2, 2012

Borem Jivit Jie - Alfred Rose

Monxa Borem Jivit Jie - Alfred & Rita Rose

AR: Deva Bapan sonvsar rochun monxakuch bhettoil’lo
God the Father created the world and gave it to man,
RR: Adanv bapan utor tem moddlem, apol marun kalliz hem foddlem
Adam our father did not keep God’s word, he ate the apple and broke this heart,
Toxench tacheam heam chintnank lagon Devan infern ghoddlem,
Because he entertained such thoughts God brought hell into existence
Magir Raj aplem Devan oddlem, tantunt gelem sukh amche modlem,
Then God took back his kingdom from man, thus went away our happiness,
Torui Jezu Krist sonvsarant ieun aplea mogan zoddlem
However, Jesus Christ came into this world and won it back in his love

CH:  Both
Monxa borem jivit jie, ekleach Devak tum bhie,
Hey man, live a good life, fear the one and only God,
To tuka udok dita poi titlench tum pie,
Drink the water (i.e. wealth and riches) but only the quantity that he gives you to drink,
Avoichea hatant poddtoch nie, somoz tuje palovtat mhunn dive,
Just reflect, after you came into your mother’s hands( i.e. after you were born),
if the lights had gone out of your life (God had the power to take away your life but he did not do it, he rather chose to keep you alive),
Dekhun sangtam dublleanchea rogtant ximpche nhoi muie
Thus I’m saying, do not water the radish plants with the blood of the poor (do not feed yourself at the expense of the poor man’s blood).

AR: Sorgar zata toxem sonvsarant zaunk monxak nam ontoskorn’n,
Man lacks the purity of conscience to have it (i.e. God’s will) done on earth as it is in heaven,
RR:Devan monxak dilam konsiens, sonvsar choloi mhunn gheun pasiens,
God gave man a conscience, to take care of the world with patience,
Nachon, uddon ani lokank fottoun mhunnchem nhoi aplem bens,
And not to make merry and cheat people,
Samson mhunno boll aplem he kens, taka lagun bandche poddlet lens,
Samson (In the Bible, Old Testament) used to say his hair was his strength,
Thus, he had to tie a handkerchief (He was blinded after being cheated by his wife)
Koxe bhaxen ho sonvsar monxak kortolo parabens
Somehow this world will felicitate men (who prosper at the cost of others)

(Repeat Chorus....Monxa borem jivit jie…)

AR: Kaklut Devachi monxak ravta monis moro pasun,
The mercy of God waits for man until his last moments,
RR:Monxa rochla tuka Dev Bapan, ghoddun aplea sarko ek mapan,
Hey man, you are created by God, He has made you in his image,
Tor kiteak tum tachem borem lipoitai dukhachea kapan,
Then why do you hide his goodness under the carpet of sorrow
Tujem konsiens bhizoi sopan, golloinakai sonvsari gopant,
Wet your conscience with ‘soup’ (i.e. make it sensitive)
Don’t fall in the embrace of the world,
Zachea bollan tum dublleanchem rogot piutoloi kopant
With whose strength you squeeze the blood of the poor into your cup

(Repeat Chorus...monxa borem jivit jie…)
Lyrics & English Translation courtesy: Br. Seville Antao