Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Canto - Cants sung in Tiatrs

'Canto' is a song that is part of the play or related to the story in the Konkani Tiatrs.  There are normally 4-5 'Cantos' in a play and each Canto consists of 1 or 2 verses with chorus repeated, sung by one or two artists present in the scene. The Canto can be sad one or happy one depending on the scene. The other songs which are not related to the story are called Kantaram. This old tradition is now fading and we hardly see any Cantos in present day tiatr. The current directors should try to include more Cantos in their plays..

Here are some of the Cantos of the famous Tiatrist:
Canto 1

This kant is from Bhurgim ani Bhangar by M. Boyer - Nov 1974

C.Alvares the son has a relationship with another girl (Betty Ferns) in spite of his wife being at home, the wife has no support whatsoever. He comes home drunk and beats the wife(Ophelia), kicks the father (Souza Ferrao) and the sister (Anthonette) cannot bear to see this, she goes through traumatic experience and it is expressed through this Canto and the aging father who is weak and frail joins her in the chorus trying to console her.

Maim-Paik putan dukhani roddoilo,
Unie tunvem sonvsar kitem to polloilo,
Ekloch tuzo put mhunn sukhan vaddoilo
Dekun tuka putan khonttani maddoilo.

He baxen putani paik marlear khonttani,
Dukham gollounchi poddtat soglleani
(Souza Ferrao repeats the chorus along with Anthonette)

Irmao mhoje uniek polloilear bhogta dukh,
Tuje lagim kazar zaun adharli chukh,
Irmao tum vortoutai tichea fuddaracho rukh,
Kazar zaun koslench tinnem dekhonk nam such,

He baxen putani paik marlear khonttani
Dukham gollounchim poddtat bhailani

Irmao tum ekloch divo gharacho,
Sozmotali bhau mhunn mhojea adharacho,
Zorui tor paik nam adhar putacho,
Zalear bhoinnik mevonezo adhar bhavacho.

He baxen bhavani paik marlear khonttani
Dukha gollounchi poddtat bhoinnani...

Canto 2 - Singer - Antonette
Matarponnar mojhea paik 
Devan,kitem nirmilele gai?
Bukh marun putak xikoilolo,
Mhunnon adhar apleak zai,

Sodanch pai tum maka sangtalo 
Irmao kazar kortolo bai
Irmao dollear aplea addlea sai
Boremponn somple ga pai

Dongrailim zaddam Deu ximpta pai 
Roddon tum kitem kortolo
Kazar Devan maka nirmila tor
Konnui fukott vortolo

Souza Ferrao 
Roddta Dhuve hanv moron tor 
konn tuji sudd ghetolo
Doth na tor kazar zaunk bai 
sang konn fuddem sortolo
(Souza Ferrao repeats the chorus along with Anthonette)

Canto 3

Boyer's Cantos were golden Cantos. It was not only M.Boyer but all tiatrist's wrote good Cantos 
in their tiatrs those days. Here is another one..
In the year 1980 Jacinto Vaz presented a tiartr named DADAGIRI
Mary Vaz a widow having a spinster daughter Antonette unable to cope with poverty, due to the little loan which they could not repay back to the landlord Joe Rose. Antonette is forced to work almost as a slave in the landlord’s house who attempts to even molest her. As Antonette cannot bear the loneliness and the homesickness and over burdened with the harsh treatment, she cries and laments while mopping the floor. She was dressed with clothes vistid that was so matching and apt for that role.She literally cries as she sings and the audience too felt very emotional...

Kiteak Dhonia osle tunvem ghoribancher dukh daddlem,
Maige moje chintun chintun kalliz hem mojem roddlem,
Kednach Dhonia pollounknam jem aiz moje thaim ghoddlem
Aiz than lokache ghor dunvmchem poddlem.

Kosle chintop duddvankaranchem, 
Konn bhava chintinam morpachem
Asleleani jeunchem nasleleani upaxi morpachem
Aiz anv rinn farik kortam mojea melelea paichem.

Canto 4
Tiatr Dadagiri by Jacint Vaz...continuation...
Remmie the son of the landlord assures this poor girl to marry her and they sing this Canto ...Antonette =A, R=Remmie

A: Tujea papan maka roddoilem
Pun aiz tumvem maka hansoilem
Mhojem kalliz tukach re bhettoilem
Ani tumvem fullani nettoilem.........x}2

R; Hanvem khoro mog kela tuzo,
Mogacho kallzan pettla uzo,
A: Add eilear mogar papa tuzo
R; Mog amcho doxim korinezo

Both sing together
Hanvem khoro mog kela tuzo
Mogacho kallzan pettla uzo
Add eilear mogar papa tuzo/Mozo
Mog amcho doxim korinezo
Mog amcho doxim korinezo

Canto 5

This canto is from Late M.Boyer's Tiatr 'Sounsar Sudorlo' sung byAlfred Rose & Antonette Mendes...
the scene as Trevor 
(Alfred Rose) returns home from abroad first time after the loss of his son...as he meets at the door Melba(Antonette) his wife..it is a sad scene and one can feel the emotions of pain n grief thru the voice of Alfred Rose
...a priceless jem!

Ekuch foll dilelem Dhonia, Kazaracho sakrament zoddun,
Nodor mhoji poddo nastanam tumven velem vinchun kaddun,

Jiv tuzo ghetlo re puta, kaide mandun bhanvterak dhaddun,
Ozarani duddu adleat re punn maka put konn dit addun

Paulonam puta ekuch tujer nodor marunk,
Pordeshan urlo Daddy tuzo duddu korunk,
Goem yetom, bhik anv magtom, pot hem bhorunk
Punn puta mhojea tunch zai aslo vengent dhorunk.

Deva tunvem dilélm amkam sukh, Potak amchea lagchi nasli bhuk
Noxiban umtaun velo re ekuch amchea fuddaracho rukh,
Dogaim ami sonsun vorpachim, Devan amcher koslem daddlear dukh
Hea bhaxen voronk amchem sukh Dhonia ami kosli keli chukh.....
Hea bhaxen voronk amchem sukh Dhonia ami kosli keli chukh.....

Canto 6

Durdoxea.....from the Tiatr...Durdoxea..

Kazarcho kovit polloun,
Moga roddlim anv dukham golloun,
Bhurgea porim maka anson khelloun,
Kazar zaloi fuddar mozo palloun....x2

Mhunntalo buxea, dileli axea,
Fuddarachi moji keli durdoxea...}x2

Tum mojea vidan eklo cheddo,
Maim tuzo mog kor mhunnon roddo,
Mojea jivtak ghaloi poro,
Antam poi ansta sogllo vaddo...x2

Mhunntalo buxea, dileli axea
Fuddarachi moji keli  durdoxea..}x2

Lokak sanglem anv mhunn kaiem,
Mog korunk porva kelonam anvem
Ganvan bonvonk uklonam paiem
Lojechem gomteak ghatlem daiem...x2

Mhunntalo buxea, dileli axea

Fuddarachi moji keli  durdoxea..}x2

to be continued with more....