Monday, August 11, 2008


Mogal Goyemkar Bhav, Bhoinnam,

I am pleased to present to you my compilation of Konkani songs lycrics,
titled 'KANTARAM', as a token of my love for my Maim-Bhas Konkani.

Please keep this goan tradition alive by encouraging young singers
to sing these songs. The lyrics are actually as I heard them on various
audio cassettes and CD's. I have over a thousand Goan Konkani songs
sung by various tiatrists. I will try and post my compilations here.
Please be free to share your compilations if you have any.

Dev Borem Korum!
Edward Verdes


Paul said...

Tujea osle thodech munis hea sounsarant assa, jhe amchi Konkani Bhaxek vavurtat, amchea bhurgeank xinkopak. Tujea hea kantarani amcheo partio ghazonk zata ani tuca ani tujea amigank DEV BOREM MHUM MAGTOM



Dumbo said...

Hi Eddie

How are you ? Nice to see your blogspot here. I wish to promote your konkani bhasha in GCO (Goan Cultural Organisation) monthly newsletter in Muscat. This will be read by a large numbers of Goans in Muscat. I hope you will not mind.

God Bless you....
Paul Fernandes
Muscat Oman