Sunday, September 7, 2008

Konkani Proverbs - X Y Z

Xanneak utram mar, pixeak chabkam mar.
The wise man is punished by words and a fool by a whip.
Different persons feel differently according to temperament.

Xellea angar fuganv

Xellem xitt nivoichem.
One who makes cool the already cold rice. This means one who
goes on doing unnecessary things.

Xenkor xetti, sogli rath bangar petti, xettichi bhail keddi motti.

Xennantlo kiddo xennant uronam.
A worm emerging from the cow dung does not remain in it. The poor cannot be confined to poverty for long.

Xennachem ghor bandlear pausant dhoronam.

Xent kadd ani ambear mar; poddlear ambo podd'llo; gelear, xent ghelem.

Xenttache bajiek, tupachim fonnam

Xenttani konnieo punzavop

Xenttar mar pirluk

Xettin kaan toplear bore. / Xettin kaan toplear dukhona.
If the goldsmith pricks the ear it is alright. While we complain about bad
treatment by some, we don’t complain of it when those who are fit
by position give the treatment.

Xett rivona, xethichi sontri kusmona
The goldsmith lives in one village but his umbrella lives in another village.
Xett podlear bhott danvta, bhott podlear konn danvta?
If a goldsmith falls the priest runs up to him, but if the priest falls
who will save him? The rich men are always attended to and the poor are neglected.
Xetti mapan jeulo.
Had a tummy full

Xer-ac sovai xer. Xerac sovai dudh One and a quarter beat one seer. Turbulent persons cow down
before those who are more so.

Xezarnichem kapodd vatter nagddem

Xezarchi vokol kuddi.
The bride in the neighbourhood is blind. A prophet is no prophet in his own land.
Xi muntlolem sunnem sath somdir voson jiu dita

Ximreak loz nam

Xirlea bhaxen rogot pivop.
Drinking blood like a lizard. It is said that lizards drink blood
from a mans body by sitting at a distance. This is in reference to a
man who is a parasite.

Xitam aslear, bhutam falt nant / Xitam aslear bhutam zaitim.
The devils throng, if you throw to them ample food to eat.
Flatterers and friends flock about an opulent (wealthy) man.
Xit aslolem, pez zalem / Xitt xijun pez zali.
The boiled rice has become kunji. Rice is put with water to boil;
after some time the water is poured away; if it not done so the whole thing
be turned into gruel. This means that there is limit for everything.

Xitta fuddem, mitt khaumchem nhoi

Xrimontan xenn khal'lem zalear tem vokhdak khalem.
If rich eat shit, it is medicine.
Xanneam sangata bhonvxi, vachi nastana xanno zaxi."

Yena magunk bhik zalear gudd-guddi vodonk xink.
If you do not know to beg, learn to smoke hubble-bubble(This habit
invariably leads a man to beg for tobacco.) Vices and bad habits make us
lose our self-respect.

Zanveachem potem sodanch ritem.
The son-in-law's sack is never full. Zavoim aila rathim, mainche thondaak mathi!

Zodd varem ietastanam, mada mullant ravchem nhoi.
When there is a strong wind blowing, do not stand under the coconut-tree,
lest the nuts fall and smash your head.

Zo ath painnem doloita to ath sonvsar choloita.

Zo kon torsadin zogoddtta to torsadinuch morta.

Zogzogta tem bhangar nhoi.
All that glitters is not gold.

Zolmachi fodd, mellea bhogor kobar zainam

Zor roddtta pejek

Zounnem thoddem, kimchonnem chodd.

Zori tor mitthakuch karsan na zalear jevnnachi ruch kosli asteli?

Zo konn budh dita ani adar dina, to ixtt nhoi tuzo.
Anyone who gives advice but does not render assistance or lend support, is not a friend of yours.'