Sunday, September 7, 2008

Konkani Proverbs V

Vali-foll valik zodd? /Moshi xing moshik zodd?
The hanging fruit is never too heavy for the creeper to bear./ The horns of

buffalo are not heavy for the buffalo. However poor one may be his children
are not considered as burden by him.

Val zadda shivai, bail ghova shivai.
The creeper without a tree, the woman without a husband.

Val toxem foll.
Fruit according to the creeper.

Vaddlelem naka punn sanddlelem zai

Vaga thonddantli gai.
A cow from the mouth of a tiger. To do something as dangerous

as snatching a cowfrom the mouth of a tiger.

Vaga potan kolo zolmola.
A fox given birth by the tiger. This is in reference to sons who do not attain

the worth and glory of their parents

Vagacho rong gheuche khatir, Kollean aplem ang lasun ghetlem

Varean bongle bandche nhoi.

Varear ublolo/unval'lolo kapus mutthint dhorunk zainam.
Rumours spread like wild fire. Cotton once blown by the wind cannot be caught in the fist.Once a rumour is spread, it cannot be easily contained. 

Vareavoilem suknnim pinzreant ravona.

Varem ieta toxem sup dhor

Varear bonvta tem suknnem gontter naslolem

Varem laglelem xit muttint enam

Varoulolea dudar roddon faido nam.

Vagak bhuk lagli mhun, thonn khatolo?

Vati / boxi ason kotti kaddop
To use coconut shells when one has got plates. To live miserly when one has got riches.

 Vatten vechea vaga, make evun kha gha
Oh you tiger passing by the way come and eat me.

Inviting calamity before it actually comes to one.

Vazta thoim gazta. / Vazta te vatten nachta.
Where there is noise of music there must be some ceremony. Smoke where there is fire.

To switch sides according to sound waves

Vellar vell, xigmear khell.
We must do things in their proper times. Same way as we are allowed

to throw coloured water during the shigmo holidays and not at any other time.

Vetek chukta to vhanvak chukta, vhanvak chukta to ganvank chukta.
The one who misses an inch, misses a yard, the one who misses a yard, misses a mile.

Vetalak na bail ani Bhavea Devak na ghov.
The Vetal has no wife and the Goddes Bhavea has no husband.

These two hindu deities are ugly and cannot have proper matches,
hence considered to be the match for other. Brides and bridegrooms
who do not possess any great qualifications have to be content with the
match they procure.

Vhoddlea ghorache vanxe polke.

Vhodlean khailear voktak, durbollan khailear potak.
If rich people eat anything bad it is said to be eaten as medicine but if the
same is eaten by poor it is supposed to be eaten to appease hunger.
World defends rich mens wrong doings and exposes those of poor.

Voddlem mis, feriant kiss

Voilem pan sokoilea panank hansta. Piklelem khali poddona fuddem hirvem ansta.
The fresh green leaf of a tree laughs when the ripe leaf falls down.

Votan aslealeak savllen vochonk xem dista.

647-Vomplea bogor pikona.
There cannot be yield without sowing (seed)."often fail to thank God for His numerous blessings.