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Konkani Proverbs - B

Bailek ghutt sangonaka, razak fott marinaka ani chogamchem utor moddum naka.
Don’t tell a secret to women, don’t tell lies to the king and don’t go against
the wishes of the majority.

Bailechea nakant nam nath, tika nam patha.
The woman without a nose-ring (a widow) has no credit.

Baimchem tond bhandunk zait pun nuimchem zanvchemnam.

Bail geliar dusri ietha, avoi gheliar dusri mellta?

Baintulo bebo.
The frog living in the well. One who has no experience of outside world.

Baint buddlear nhoint.
To dive in a well and get out from a river. This is applied to very cunning n clever man.

Banz hivonk ani dukhol evunk ek zalem.
Just as the barren woman brings forth a child, there is famine declared.

Sometimes when we get things with difficulty there are good many troubles
attending on it. (Banz= Barren women) (ivonk = pregnant)

Bannxireak zogzogachem suth ailem.
The rag suddenly got a strand of silk. A person becomes arrogant when he suddenly achieves something from nothing.

Bapaichi bhoinn aka, dolleam samkar naka.

Bapui melea vorsak voth chodd ani avoi melea vorsak bhuk chodd.
The sun is more sultry during the year the father dies and more hunger

during the year the mother dies. The father is the supporter and the
mother is the feeder.

Bara brestar, tera sunkrar.

Bara muineak, tera festam.

Bara vorsanche oklen ukhol'lo koro, Avoi mhonntta mhozo kusvo boro.
A grown up girl ventured and the mother praises her womb.

Bebdo ghou kukumank adhar

Bebdeak ani pixeak patiyeum nezo.
Never trust a drunkard and insane person.

Bebo fuglear, paddo zainam.

Bekar mest gandd tasta.
A carpenter without work cuts off his own buttocks.

People who have no work go about playing mischief.

Bekar bhonvlear pott bhoronam, jevlea bogor bhuk thambonam
Idleness will not feed you and unless you eat hunger will not die.

Bekar bhonvtoleak man nasta
Idle man gains no respect.

Bekar bhonvon jevunk sodta tachi kakut konn korta?
Who will pity an idle man who desires to eat?

Bekar thovoi, furnem taxi.

Bhangarachi sui mhunn dolleant galum yieta? / Bhangarachi suri mhunn potant galum yeta
Shall I thrust a needle into my eyes because it is made of gold?

Bhangarchea kollxeak kukma-tiko
A pot made of gold is very beautiful and when it is adorned with a mark

of red powder it becomes more charming. So when a person who has
a beautiful form and excellent character is said to resemble a golden pot
with the red mark.
(kukma-tiko is the red powder applied by Indian women on forehead)

Bhavachi chavi rakta bhauzoi.
My brother's key is kept by my sister-in-law

Bhavart asta thoim Dev asta.
Where belief is, there God is.

Bhattkaran fusko marlear pormoll, goriban marlear ghann
Judging a person's action based on their status

Bhatkarachem vaarem, bhatak saarem.
The landlord’s breeze is fertilizer for his field

Bhair porvoth, bitor khorvoth.
Outside mountain, inside saw. Outside smooth,inside rough.

Do not go by appearances simply.

Bhair goro, bitor kallo
Outside white, inside black. A fair face conceals a foul heart.

Bhero vazop nam mhunno, Ani kudd’ddo nach nam mhunno.
The deaf does not understand the music beats and the blind knows no dancing feats.

Bhikareak sodanch nosai bikareachi.

Bhim toxem baat.
As the seed, so the paddy. As is the fruit so is the seed. As you sow, so shall you reap.

Bhonkta tem sunnem kednach gans marinam. Barking dogs seldom bite.
Bhonkta tem sunnem chabonam, chabta tem sunnem bhonkinam.
A barking dog never bites and a biting dog seldom barks. Those that look
Silent are more dangerous than those who threaten much in words.

Bhonkta tem sun’nem chabona, zankta toh monis vaitt korunk pavona 
Barking dogs never bite, a talkative person (loudmouth) seldom does any harmful acts.
Barking dogs seldom bite, likewise, a talkative person seldom does evil

Bhottak zai zalear omas, nam zalear punov
The priest adjusts his calendar according to his whims.

Bhott baint podlear, dakshina visornam.
Even if the seer falls in the well, he will not forget the donations.
Unwavering lust for money

Bhottalem okod Padrik Poddlem:?

Bhoril’lo kollxo avaz korinam
The pot which is brimful does not make any noise. The wise do not prattle.

Bhurgem roddlea xivai, avoi dudh dinam.

Bhurgeache paiem painneant distat.
The feet of the child are seen in the cradle.

Bhurgo dekhta tem xikta.
A child learns what it sees.

Bhurgeamche mallnek bhim nam bath.
When the children thrash the corn there is neither seed nor paddy.
Refers to ignorant people who cannot be expected to do anything good

Bhurgim zoddit, bhurgim khait

Bhutan ghaddiak lipoilo.
The ghost has hidden the devil exorciser. Sometimes those who undertake
with confidence to remove troubles, get themselves into troubles.

Bhukek tonddak lavunk naka, Nhidek uxem naka.
No appetizer is needed when in hunger, Pillow is not required when in deep slumber

Bhuk khata rukh.
Hunger eats trees.- means that a man who is hungry is not particular

for the taste or quality of the food he gets.

Bikareachea kotten, kavllo haglo.

Bikareachea uxea pondak polli astoch teka jem poddonam.
A beggar does not get sleep when there is bread under his pillow.

Bhoil sandlear ,bhott dhanvta, bhott sandlear konn dhanvta ?"
When the ox jumps away, the priest, its master, jumps to its aid; if the priest vanishes, 
who will be able to go and fetch him ?

Boddi katrun kudke korunk zata, udok katrun kudke korunk zata?
You can cut a stick into pieces but you cannot cut water to fragments.

Boddi diun mar khaucho.
Give a stick (to someone) and inturn get beaten.
Try to help and end up causing a problem for oneself.

Bolsant na xent, ghalun bhonvta pant

Bontrar itlem tor kapdar kitlem?
If the woman in rags brags so much, how much will she brag when

she has a good saree to cloth herself. There are persons who are
too proud, and in their pride forget that they have no status in life.

Boreak gelear fatti yeta.

Borem kelear borem meuta.

Borem kortoleacho konn-ui ugddas korta.
The one who does good deeds is remembered by everyone"

Good deeds are never wasted.

Borim fulam bazarant vorchi goroz nam tim gharantuch khopta.
You need not take good flowers to the market. The customers come to you
for them. Good things always have a ready market. Good wine needs no bush

Borem zalear okol-noureachem nam zalear soirik korteleachem.

Bott launk dilear, Hath galpacho. / Bott dilear hath gillta.
If you give the finger, the whole hand is eaten. There are persons who, when
They are shown a little consideration want to take advantage to the fullest extent.

Bottear bi bosli.

Buddvontank khoim sodanch fatrachem xitt.

Budvontak ginean unnem.

Bukel'lea vaga, kha maka

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