Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Konkani Proverbs - C

Chakri kelear, bakri meuta.
Serve and you get bread. Lazyness wont pay.

Chamddi diit, pun domddi dinam.
He would rather give skin of his body but not a pie. Shows a nature to stingy.

Chamrachi dixtt paim-ar.
The cobbler's gaze is on the feet.

Champeachem ful ful'lem mhonntoch, tacho pormoll konnachean addavnk zata?
Can anyone stop the fragrance of a full bloomed aromatic flower?

Chear dis mainche chear dis suneche.
This has to do with the ‘interaction’ between mother-in-law and

daughter-in-law with the man caught in the crossfire.
It is all about the battle to dominate one another.

Chear anneachi kombi, ani bara anneacho mosalo.
Four annas for the chicken and twelve annas for the masala.
A relatively inexpensive thing that costs more to maintain.
Four annas make up the equivalent of present day 25 paisas (or a quarter of a rupee)

Chear paieamcho ghoddo chukta, don paieamcho munis chuklear vhoddli bhixead nhoi.

Cheddiek (bitch) kodel asa punn chorak nam.
There is place for bitch but not for a robber.

Cheddvamni kitem-i kelear dista, cheddeamni kitem-i kelear fatra pondak lipta.
The things done by girls are visible, whereas whatever is done by boys is hidden below the stone.

Cheddo madda sarko, cheddum keli sarkem.
The boy like a coconut palm and the girl banana tree. The bridegroom

strong and healthy and the bride tender and sweet, make a good match.

Chiklant fator marit, chikol angar usouta

Chintlelem zalem tor mellelim ghara ietelim
Chintlolim kamam zalolim zalear, melolim ghara ietolim aslim.

If things could be done with thoughts alone, the dead would have risen and come home.

Chodd firangi bhas, haddank urta mas.
Too many Portuguese speeches leave the bones with meat.

Chodd khata taka chodd ass
The more one eats the more his greed increases.

Chodd lagim aslear xingak xing adovtta

Chodd mata-mati, adak na kati

Chodd mest, burra fest.
Too many cooks, spoil the soup

Chodd nahateleak chodd chikol

Choddti val katorchi nhoim.
One should not cut a climbing vine.Sincere efforts should not bediscouraged

Chonneam borabori borodd dollum dium naka.
Don't cast away rice with the chaff.

Chor utton kopolak dorta

Chorachea monant chandnem.

Chorachea hatant torluk. (torluk mhollear bhattacho sambhall korop).
A thief entrusted to look after the property. 

Chorachi avoi ordheant roddta.
The thiefs mother weeps secretly cause if she should weep openly her son

would be caught. When your secret plans fail, you cannot have the
sympathy of any man nor there is anybody to guide you.

Chorak dubav sodanch chandnneacho.

Chorak tondd vhoddlem

Chori korchi aplea ganvant ani bikh magchi dusreachea ganvant.
A man may commit a theft in his own village. His local knowledge

helps him. But he should beg in another village where nobody knows who he is.

Chukik dolle nant.
Mistake has no eyes. Those that commit mistake do so accidentally.

updated 26/7/2015