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Konkani Proverbs- A

Aanke mhunntlear bonke vazoita.

Addli zodd, khauli podd.

Addechea udkan rikami baim bhoronam.
An empty well cannot be filled with artificial water.

Addechem udok narlant ghatlear godd zata?
Can artificial water turn sweet if dipped in a coconut.

Adim tem antam hem.

Adovlea bogor buddkule foddta?
Nobody cares to spend unless he expects to get some profit.

Aidonantlo divo.
Light inside a pot. A learned person who does not share/make use of his skill.

Ailear paus, nam zalear voth.

This shows indifference of the man. Both rain and Sun-shine are the same to him.

Aili furr, mumbrant pur.

Aiz maka faleam tuka.

Today for me, tomorrow for you.

Aiz okol, faleam randd.
Today a bride, tomorrow a widow.

Ajeak natu xinkoita
Grandchild teaches great grand father

Akeak soddlo, Pokeak soddlo, Xannoi mamank gobrant fulloilo
Ako and Pako were allowed to go scot free, But the teacher was
caught and
smeared with ash. The real culprits were left and innocents

Al-balachim bara bhurgim, tel kaddttolo mhunntlear ekloi nam.
Father had twelve children, but there was no one to apply oil.
No one to look after having so many children.

Allsai apovn haddta durbollkai.
Laziness welcomes poverty

Allxea, biknnam bazun khavumia, bazun kiteak?
Jitinch khavumia
If you tell a lazy man to bake jack fruit seeds, he will say better to have them raw.

Allxeak dis saronam, vauradeak rath pavonam.
Allxeacho dis saronam, vavurteleak rat-ui pavonam.
The day never ends for a lazy person and night is not sufficient for a laborious man.

Allxi uttunk ximbrem xinklem.
The lazy man gets up to do some work and there is ill-omen of a noseless
man sneezing. Those who don’t want to do a thing wants only excuses to
run away from paths of duty.

Allxea, tann re vodem, anv saiba bhurgo munga
Allxea, jeunk heo ga, anv saiba manaim munga.
Lazy fellow come pull the oars and he says “ I am a boy and cannot.
Lazy fellow come to dine and he says “ I am a man and can do full justice.
Some people would shun duty when it is laborious; yet they would be first
to enjoy the fruit when others toil.

Allxi sangta tem, ghaddeachea bapain sangonk nezo.
Even Ghadi’s father cannot say what an idle man would say. Lazy people
talk big but do nothing. Ghadi is correctly speaking the exorciser of the devil.

Allxeak dupott vavr.
The lazy man has to do things twice.

Ambadde vinkun ail’le duddu khorzun khainant.

Money obtained by selling myrabolans does not sting
Any honest work should notbe considered as below one’s dignity.

Ambe ponsant nhoi, duble munxeant nhoi.
Mango cannot be classed among jackfruit, poor man cannot be included with the rich.

Ambea sal ponsak lailear lagta?

The bark jackfruit tree cannot be grafted on a mango tree. 
Another’s child cannot be yours.

Ambott khateleachem golleant khorzota.
If you eat sour things your throat will scratch. If u have done wrong, it upsets you

Amche ami, Simao komi.

Amche dad-ie pondak mas nam

Amchem noxib, danvlam moxik

Amchea xezareak piklea popai, hanv khait mhunn dusreank nosai 
In our neighbourhood a papaya (fruit) has ripened, other people are seemingly jealous 
that I may be the one to eat it"
Jealousy is the cause of all unhappiness

Amcho Juze Mari dekor kantar kori
Our José Maria sings by heart…refers to people who talk without thinking.

Ami te ami, ami kitem komi?

Ami tumgher jevnak ietat, tumi amger ambe dhaddat.
We will oblige by dining with you all, and you may send us mangoes. Selfishness.

Ami tumi ekam, xittan kelim lokam.
We all are one but separated because we cannot provide rice for eath other.

Anak poddlam Anachem, Bhereak poddlam aplea kanachem.
Every one is bothered about his own affairs.

Andlleanchim gorvam, Dev rakhta. / Bhaddea boilak Dev rakonno
God guides the blind. / The bullock on hire has to be cared by God as
the hirer neglects it .The orphan must look to God for protection

Ang bizoilea bogor nistem dhorunk nezo.

You cannot catch fish unless you get wet. You have to toil n run risks.
Tigur dhortole zalear aand bizounk zai.
To catch marshy fish one has to wet his balls

Ang udkan nitoll, mon sothan nitoll.
As the body is purified by water, so is the mind purified with truth

Angak sukh, pottak bhuk.
Rest for the body, hunger for the stomach.

Anturn pollun paem sodunk zai. / Anturn pollovun paiem patollche.
Before spreading your legs see how long is the bed.
Cut your coat according to our cloth.

Anvalle diun kumvallem vorop
To exchange a small fruit for a good pumpkin. 

To get something useful n valuable for an insignificant thing. 
(to exchange a horse for an ass)

Aple savlek, aponn bhieta.
To be afraid of ones own shadow.Do not be too nervous.

Aplea dolleant vanso astanam , dusreachea dolleantlem kiskutt kaddchem nhoi
We can see the mole in others but cannot see the beam in our own.

Aplea paiem mulam kuvalem kusta, ani dusreamchi sansoum vanchta.
A cucumber lies rotten at his feet and he saves the mustard seed at others feet.

Aplea ghoracho apunn raza
Each one is a king in his own home.  
You are the master of yourself

Apleach athanim aplo fondd khonddop
Digging your own grave.

Apleak dukhlea bogor ai mhunnonk zainam

Aplem bhannxirem poilem duvchem uprant dusreachem povchem.
First wash yours rags and then look at others.

Aplem ghor poilem cholovchem, magir dusreachem ulovchem.
First set your house right, then evaluate others.

Aplem ghor, agon bhor / Aplem ghor, sothean (rights) mor, dusrea ghor bontor.
Ones own house, is full is rights.

Aplem rogot kallkant vollkota.
Recognizes own blood even in dark.

Apli fatt apleak disonam.

One cannot see owns back.Mistakes are never visible to the one who commits them

Apli savlli aplea paieam mullam.
One threads ones own shadow. Our actions follow us where ever we go.

Aplo ath jagannath.
Self help is the best way of leading life in this word.

Aplo bhes sunneak diun, sunneacho bhes aponn ghetlear zata?
If we give our dress to the dog and wear the dogs dress, would it not be
ridiculous. Nobody should forgo his self-respect and identify himself with mean people.

Aplo koito/koiti aplea hatar boslear, narlak kiteak galli?

If the chopper cuts your hand,why curse the coconut.
Do not blame someone else for your own mistake.

Aplo paim aplea matear.

Keeping ones foot over ones head. Being ruled over by people who are low and inferior.

Apunui khainam, khateleakui khaunk dinam.

Apurbai ghara kodde, Nhuim voddea kodde.

Aponn apnnak, Dev somestank
Each one for himself and god for all.

Aponn melea bogor sorg disonam.
We cannot ascend heaven unless we ourselves die.
We cannot have the highest bliss unless we exert oursleves.

Arey Arey mhunntele zaite, fondant udki martolo konn nam.
There are many who give you lip-sympathy, but there is nobody who will jump 
into a pit to help you.
Arr gelolo mhunn gaindoll gelo, pun chirddon melo.
Arr utta mhunn gaindoll utta.
Because a big serpent jumps, the small worm jumps too.
It is no use imitating those who are far above you.

Arxeachea ghorant rauteleanim, dusreamchea ghoranche nolle foddche nhoi.
Those staying in glass houses should not throw stones at others.

Ass kel'lo khavun morunk na, Rinn kel'lo pavon morunk nam.
Greedy person has not died after eating and creditor has not died after reaching.

Asa dombddi, khata kombddi, nam dombddi, korta chambddi.
When you have money, you indulge, otherwise you criticize.

Asloleak nam khoim sukh, Nasloleak nam khoim dukh.
The haves have no peaceful morrow, The have-nots know no sorrow.

Assa pangrunk, khata hinv.
You have blanket but still you feel cold.

Atam hanv poilinchi vhoi ge? Atam mhojea miriank choi ge!

Am I younger to twinkle? Look at my wrinkles!

Atanch baim marlear atanch udok mevonam.

Atanchi bail vhoddli zaunk sodta, punn tika kapodd nessunk yenam"

The wife of today tries to look superior, but does not know how to wear her sari properly.

Avoi-bapaik dukh dixi, vollvolleank pavxi.
You will suffer if you hurt your parents.

Avoik dium naka dukh, sodankal tumkam melltolem sukh
You will always enjoy life if you avoid hurting your mother.

Avoi bapui sandum ieta, pun sezari-samari sandum ieta?
You may perchance desert parents, but not neighbours. You cannot live
without the company of good neighbours.

Avoichem bhurgem avoik zodd nhoi.
A mothers child is never a burden.

Avoi jeupak vaddinam, bapui bik magunk dinam.
The mother does not feed, father does not allow to beg. One cannot
have things both ways. There must be allowance once side atleast.

Avoi morom, mauxi urom.
Let mother die, but let mother’s sister live. Mother combines love
with discipline But aunt is overfond.

Avoi morta dhuve koddem, dhuv morta ganvchea minda koddem.
The mother is too loving to her daughter and the daughter is loving
and is attached to her paramour. There is sometimes no return for
ones love and attachment.

Avoi polloun dhuv vhor, Dudh polloun moxi vhor.
Screen the mother and select the daughter;
Check the milk, and carry the buffalo. Do not go by appearances merly.

Avoichea lognak mitt vaddlem
One who serves salt at the wedding dinner of his mother’s wedding.
A person who considers himself wise and clever than his parents.

Avoichi nhoi mavxi, jivak jivxi, Bapaichi bhoinn aka, dolleam samkar naka.
Mother's sister, a very loving aunt, Father sister's, so sinister!
Mother's relatives are desirable, father's are not.

Avoicho dollo bhurguechea pottar, bailecho dollo ghovachea duddvamr"
The mother is anxious about her son's stomach, and the wife about her wealth.

Avoin polounchem Pot, bailen polounchem bolos (pocket)

Axea kelear, Doxea zata

Ajen poslolo nathu, bhozo khavunkui upkoronam.

Azo gelo, macho ritho zalo.

When grand-father dies his bedstead is empty.
Meaning nobody to fill up the gap of the old experienced man

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