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Konkani Proverbs - D

Dadai nam, puddveim nam.

Dadlo baile adlo, dekhun dadleak man ogllo.
Man was made before woman, therefore man enjoys a superior respect.

Dai astanam hath lasop.
To burn ones hand when one has a spoon to take out hot curry.

Having sufficient means Why should one undergo hardship unnecessarily?

Danth astanam chonne khaumche.
Eat gram while you have yet teeth. Do things when you have the necessary

Danthui aple, vonttui aple.
If there is a quarrel between the teeth and the lips we cannot take sides

because both sides belong to us. When our relations are concerned,
we avoid giving judjement, not withstanding we know where the fault lies

Dekha dekhi gaand xeki.
Imitating others without knowing the truth, just as one would warm his

buttocks in the sun just because another is doing it.

Deklear chor nam zalear xenttam todd.
Thief if caught, otherwise honest. There are persons who pose

to be honest, because they have evaded detection.

Deklem moddem, ailem roddnnem

Dekonk naslem deklem anink sol soit chablem

Desa pormonnem bhes

Despez korun respet nam.

Dev dita, denvchar naddta.
God gives, Devil tempts.God gives and the devil takes away. Often when you luckily get any gains
There arise eventualities which deprive you of your gains.

Dev korta ti vatt

Dev mon polloun dhon dita

Devak anink gorvak soirighot nam
Devak ani Gorvak poddonam
God Detests Pride

Devachem dennem upkaram vinnem."
The gifts of God are thankless.

Devan dileat dant; Devuch jevonn ditolo
God has given teeth, He will also feed.

Deva niban bhott khata.
A priest eats because of the diety. Offerings placed before Gods

are naturally taken away by priests present there.

Dha sorle panch urle

Dha ambe bore aslear ani tantum ek kuslolo zalear, sogle kustat.
One rotten mango can spoil the whole basket of Ten

Dha zannancheo dha kaddio mhonnlear vhoddli ras zata

Dha zannachi avoi vatter.
The mother of ten sons is on the throughfare. Everybody thinks that the

other son will look after the mother, the result being she has to go begging
from house to house. Everybodys business is nobodys business.

Dhadoun pikoilolea ponnsak ghost asonam.
Jack fruit ripened forcefully dosen’t taste good.

Dhanvteleak ekuch vatt, sodhteleak dha vatto.
There is only one way for the man who runs, but there are ten ways

for the the man who searches for him. It is difficult to catch a man who has run away.

Dhar dhodaitanam vaitt monant dhodainaka.

Dhi respet, ge respet

Dhuk kadi nastanam sukh mevonam.Dhuvechea niban, avoi jevta dudhan.
On the pretext of the daughter, the mother feeds herself on milk.

Dilelea mapan gheuxi

Dis aileat ad-die,(crooked/bad) bob martat ghadd-ie.(Evil-gods)

Dista toxem nasta
Things are not the way they look

Diteleacho ath voir, gheteleacho sokol.
The hand of the giver remains above and that of the receiver below.

Dogam xivai gaddi chollonam.
The bullock-cart cannot go without both of them.

The flour from the husband, the salt from the wife.

Dolle astanam dixt nam.
A man cannot see even when he has a good sight.

Dolleam add, sonvsar padd ( Dolleam add, mosonn padd.)
When a thing does not happen in your presence, you do not care

and treat it like a desolate burning ground. Out of sight, out of mind.

Dolle futle mhunn ixeob buddlo?
Even if the eyes be blind, the accounts cannot be disputed.

Truth persists even If you cannot see it.

Dolleanchem tem khorem, kananchem tem fottkirem.
Truth is what you witness in person; One cannot believe in the hearsay version.

Dolleank udok lavun fotti sangop.
To tell lies after applying water to the eyes. It is commonly supposed

that one loses water to them when telling lies.

Don athanim zoddchem, Eka athan khorchuchem.
Earn with both hands, and spend with just one.

Don vhoddeani paim.
People who are afraid to take a stand on any issue. It is not possible to sail

in two boats at one time. People who try to do this get into trouble and
sometimes create a problem for others.

Don voddeancher paim dovri naka, zor dovorxi fanttun morxi.
Never keep your feet on two boats, in doing so you may be torn apart and suffer death.

Dongrailim zaddam Dev ximpta

Dongrachi kaddi ani kaddiecho dongor, Dev korta khinna bhitor.
God can create a tiny stick out of a mountain and in the same way create a
mountain out of a tiny stick, within a matter of a second.

Don ghorancho soiro upaxi

Doriak bhorti toxi sukti asa.
Sea has high as well as low tides.There are always ups and downs in human life.

Doriant assa maso, tachem mol korta to pisso.
Fish in the sea, the one who weighs it is crazy.

Dubleamchea bhurgeamchi gomti lamb, ani girestamchea bhurgeamchi jib lamb.
The poor mans children have long necks and rich mans children have

long tongue. The poor children poke in everywhere for charity, while the
rich children talk too much

Duddu dhiun nhoint povonk vochop.

Duddvamche axek godd vinkun poti leumta.
A man sells jaggery for the sake of money and licks the bag in which

it was kept. This is in reference to people who amass wealth using no portion for his enjoyment.

Duddvank bhul'lo to patkant buddlo.
One who is lured by greed for money is doomed in the
confines of sin.

Duddvamchea, anim rogtache forsar uddonakai, nisron podtoloi.

Dudh ditele poro voch ge,ani f*** ditele aro io ge.

Dudh pivon vikh vonkchem.
Drink milk and vomit poison. This represents the state of mind

of ungrateful man who receives favours but proves treacherous.

Dudhak aileleak moxechem mol kiteak?
Why should one ask the price of the buffalo, when he comes to take

her milk? There are some who are too inquisitive,

Dudhant sakor.
Sweetening the milk with sugar.. rendering matteres still more relishable

Dukh kadlea bogor sukh mellonam.
Unless you suffer you cannot enjoy happiness.

Dukha bhonvtonnim sukh, sukha bhonvtonnim dukh.
Sorrow and happiness are entwined.

Dukor posunk vhelear roddtta,ani marunkui vhelear roddtta.
A pig keeps squealing whether you take it for feeding or for slaughter.
Some people are never content,they constantly complain.

Dukrak cake dili tor to gooch mhunn somzon khatolo

Dushkallan teravo muinom

Dusreache lamb kens pollele, Aple lamb korunk oddle, te tuttle.
On seing someone's long tresses, She pulled hers, but they snapped. Never ape others.

Dusreak kenddtta to apnnacher dolldirponn apoita.
One who criticizes others, invites wrath upon himself.

Dusreamchea dantam poros amchi dhadd bori.
Ones own jaws are better than the teeth of others. The teeth of others will

not be of any use to us when take our meals. If we hv no teeth,
our own jaws will help us in chewing our food. Self-help is the best help

Dusreank bott dakoitolo, zanam za, tin bottam apleak dakoita mhunn.

Dusro nachta mhunn apnnem nachchem nhoim
Do what's within your limits. Literally: because someone else dances, we not follow suit)

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