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Konkani Proverbs - F-G-H

Faleam konn kitem korunk ravta to thoinch urta.

Faleam mortolo mhunn aizuch fondant poddonk zata.?
Just because one will die tomorrow, should you fall into the grave today itself?.

Do not anticipate bad things too much. Meet danger when it comes.

Fator marun thau kaddop

Fatorpemchean Goem lagim.
If you go the village Fatorpa why dont you go to Goa which is just close by?

Fattir mar punn pottar marum naka.
Strike on the back but not on the belly. Do not deprive a man of his

means of earning a livelihood.

Faz favor, kortten dhunvor
Too many speeches, but no action.

Fest korta ganv ani pirjentichem/presdentichem nanv.
The village celebrates the feast, but the President is applauded for

the feast. Undue credit is often given to those in authority though
hard work is done by others.

Firngeanchea paeam melolo hoi, punn Kan’ddeachea sangata jielolo nhoi.
It is better to die at the feet of a Portuguese than to live in the company of the Goan Christians.

Fuddlem zot cholta toxem pattlem cholta
The way the front plough, pulled by the bullocks, moves the one behind follows

Ful’lolem ful pormoll nastanam ravonam./ Ful ful'lea bogor pormollona
The flower when it opens out in full bloom, does give out the scent.

Good actions are naturally advertised.

Fulamchea jelian marlear dukhta, chabkan marlear dukhna.
You feel, when beaten with a bunch of flowers, but you do not feel

when beaten with a whip. Some take small things to heart and pass
over greater events.

Fulam vinklim thoim suth vinkchem nhoi.
Do not sell thread or string where you have sold flowers. When you lose

your credit, do not mix with the people who once honoured you;
in fact leave that place altogether.

Gaita toso tallo, ximpta toso mollo.

Just as singing tells about the voice of a singer, watering of plants nourishes 
the budding of flowers

Ganne koden tanti pavosor rauchem nhoi

Gavo pekta punn mau urta

Gavo tuka, dukh maka

Gharant nam don tandull, fest korunk bonvta randdul
Ghat apleak sontos peleak

Ghoddear boson soro pielear matheak choddonam
You can’t get drunk by riding a horse!

Ghoddo ghelar, hoti ghelo mhunnop.

Ghoran noko maim manv, zanna soglo ganv

Ghorantlem moddem bhair sorlea xivai munxeacho valor kollonam.

Ghorcho bedi, bhailo chor
Ghov kapod addta mhunnon, nexill'lem kapod ujeant ghatlem
Cause the husband said he would get the saree, wife burnt the one

she was wearing. Counting the chickens before they are hatched.

Ghov poddla add, ghovachem buddun vhelem khadd.
When the husband falls sick, he is looted.

"Girestamchea kolxeak burak asta"
The water-pot of the rich has holes

Girest soro pielear alegr mhonnttat, Gorib pielear bebdo mhonnttat.
If the rich man drinks, he is called an aristocrat. If the poor drinks,

he is labeled a drunkard. (to indicate the different criteria adopted to judge
the rich n the poor)

Godd randit thor amkam lagta tik.

Godd aslele gadien moos bonvthath.

Goemchi neai ani vaddhlelem cheddum sogleanchea ghorak nosai.
Goan justice and a grown up girl no family would want.

Gori geli votak, kalli zaun alli.
Went in the sun fair, came back black..Golleantlem tut'ta ani untien poddta

Gorbak ani sorgak poddonam
Gorem ghovak borem, Kallem Devak borem!

Gorje portem, khorjek udok
Gorje vinnem konn budkule foddta?
Nobody cares to spend unless he expects to get some profit

Goroz tednam sunnem xime bhair vochon haglelem
Girestachea kolsheak burak assa.
The water-pot of the rich has holes.

Hagtelea fuddem vag re khoimcho?
If a man has a strong to desire to relieve himself he does not care if there be a tiger nearby.

Hagteleak loz nam zalear, polleteleak tori assonk zai

Hai zalea bhogor dukh kovonam.

Hai hai mhunntole khub, khannit udki martole konn na.
There are agood many who give lip-sympathy, but there is nobody who will
Jump into a pit to help you.

Hath paiem ravle, kitem korum baile?
Now that I am grown infirm and cannot work, what am I to do my wife?

Hathacho foll polloupak, arxeachi goroz poddta?
Do you need mirror to see the boil on your hand? 
Do you require any evidence when you know that a certain thing has actually taken place.

Hathan-ui dhoronam ani vorlen-ui dhoronam 

Hatachim panch-ui bottam sarkim nhoi 
Not all five fingers are the same.

Halta tea fatrar ubem ravchem nhoi.
Do not stand on a shaky rock. Take your stand on solid
Try to get support from really substantial quarters.

Halonvchi nhoi dholonvchi, jevchea vellar afounchi.
One should not sermonise before calling for supper.

Handir assa cheddo, sodta soglo vaddo.
The child is on her hip and the mother searches for the child in the village. There are persons so absent minded that they do not know their own mind and behave foolishly.

Hansta tache dant dista.

Hansta tea dadleak ani roddta te bailek patiechem noi

Hanstolo hansta ani babdo roddtolo roddta.

Hanv hansta lokak, xembud lambta nakak.
I laugh at others when there is a mucous secretion running from my nose.

Hanv hansta dhesak, dhes hansta mojea bhesak.
I laugh at the country, and the country laughs at my dress.
While we laugh at others, the others ridicule our defects.

Hanv ghelolom axen, sermanv sanglo firnge bhaxen 
I went to with great enthusiasm, but the sermon was in Portuguese.

Hennem gelear nhoim, Tennem gelear poim, Modem ravchem khoim?
There is a river this way. On the other side, water is in sway In the middle, where to stay?Hor'rak moronaka, gherr'rak mor.

Hotiak ghant bandhunk zaie?
Is there a need to tie a bell on an elephant. There is no need of advertising the merits of great personality.

Hoti sukhlear, gaie-ghotteant bandunk zata?
Can an elephant who is reduced and become thin, be put into and tied in a cow-shed. Great persons even when they have lost their influence cannot be regarded as men of no Importance.

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