Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Konkani Proverbs - Ages of a Man

Ages of a Man

1. Panch... Nagdo Nach
We allow our children to run practically naked till they are five

2. Dha.... zaitench kha
This Proverb allows full liberty to the children upto the age of ten

3. Vis... korta kismis
A young man of 20 goes in for romance or love songs.

4. Satt budh natt.
We grow old very soon and a man aged 60 is expected to be imbecile.

6. Noi...Andak choi.
When a man attains the age of 90 he is so much bowed down that his eyes
approach the thighs.

This is shared by a Goan friend:

1 .Vis: khas fis - hip, smart, cool
2. Tis - do not remember
3. Chalis: kaddta dis
4. Ponas: - zalo tonas - means he has started aging
5. Satt: - poita vatt - looking for the road to come
6. Sotor: - fonda bitor - inside the grave, maybe the longevity was 70 then
7. Noixim: addam raxic - means bones in a heap