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Konkani Proverbs - M

Maka poddlam mojem ani ximreak poddlam aplea nak-doianchem.

Maddak ani maddiek ekuch kaddum.
To use the same khadu or circular loop of a cord for climbing both the
Coconut tree as well as arecanut tree.

Magunk ienam bhik, viddi voddunk xik.
Learn to smoke if you don't know to beg.

Maim boslea votak(hot sun) gann dista mhunn sang putak 

Maim morta dhuve pasot, dhuv morta novrea pasot. 
Mother dotes on her daughter, whereas the daughter dotes on her lover. 

Maim pai korta pap, bhurguim ditat zap

Maimche dudhak, konnech sor korunk zainam.

Maim-paichea gorvan dhuvek khaili marvan

Makddachea athant mannik dilem.
Diamond in the hands of monkey who doesn't know its value.

Mandlear Dev nam zalear fator.

Manevoile kens fattir nam zalear pottar.
The hair on the neck will naturally fall on the back or on the stomach.
Ones own children n relatives have to be helped and supported

somehow or the other they cannot be left to their fate.
Map boron votlem

Matarechea piraek bhurgeamche khell nhoim

Mazarak dek’ilo kir.
A parrot who has seen the cat; that is one who is frightened or is in a state of fear
Mazor dudh pietanam aple dolle dampun dudh pieta anik somzota apleak konnuch
pollenant mhunn

Mazor ghu lipoita.
The cat hides its dung. There are persons who draw a curtain over their evil deeds.

Mazor jiu dit pun aplo ghu dinvchemnam.

Mazrak sath jiu

Mazran kednam imos soddli xi assa?

Melele maimche dudh pielolo.
One who has drunk the milk of a dead mother – means a fool.
(I am not the one who has drunk the milk of dead mother – means m not a fool)

Melele moxik bara xer dudh, babdi jivi astana ekui naslolo
When the buffalo dies, you say it yielded twelve litres of milk. Lavish praise to the dead.

Melele moxik dudh chodd.
A dead she-buffalo gave plenty milk. The owner demands a very high

price for the buffalo killed accidently stating that the buffalo gave plenty
of milk. The buffalo being dead there is no possibility of proving how much milk was got.
Melelea fattlean konn moronam

Meloleachea tondant mati.

Meza voilem kellem kaddun saguad zoddi naka.
Do not snatch credit deserved by others.

Mhataren kombeak dhampun dovorlo mhonn falem zavchem chukona.

Mhojea babachim bara xetam, anim hanv bhik magun khatam./

Mojea ghara Bara zottam, punn anv bikh magun khatam.
My father has twelve fields, But I am begging. Although my father is a

landlord, I am destined to be a beggar. / Our house has twelve pairs
of oxen for the ploughs, But I am living on charity. There are some
however rich, allow their dependents to live in abject poverty.
Mitt khailolo udok pietolo.
One who has eaten salt will have to drink water. He who commits crime will be
punished even after a long time.

Mixeank ghantt bandlolo.
One who has tied bells to his moustache. This is in reference to a man of
Extraordinary abilities

Moddeak bodovop.
To beat a dead body. To do things which is productive of no good whatsoever.

Moddear kelelem rodnem, ordhear poddlem

Moddlolea Khursak konn chepem kadinam.
No one respects a broken cross.
Moddvollachem Moddem Bhair Kaddlea Xivai Kaim Gomona

Moddeachim xentam kaplear, vozonn unnem zainam.

Mog aslear un-un vodde ghanttar pautat nam zalear xellele legun pavonant (Hun' vodde ghanttar pavtat, punn xelli pez sezarak pavna.)
Hot stuff can reach afar but cold stuff cannot reach the neighbours

Mog asta thuim raag asta. 

Mogan zata tem ragan zainam
What can be done through love cannot be done in anger.

Mogachi mauxi chandneak uvo marta.
The aunt is so loving taht she goes to the length of picking out the lice

from the head of her niece, even during moon-light.

Mogak ani ragak dolle nant, te dogui kudd’dde.
Both love and hate have no eyes, they are blind 

Mogan mog vaddta, divean divo pett'ta 
Love grows with love and a lamp can be lit with another lamp

Mog aslear tuzo ekachea kallzant, xevott na titlo tuka dita man, 
If someone loves you deeply from the heart, that person will respect you till the very end 

Mog-sosnnikai utrak veng mar, jikhtoloi zalear sorg ani sonvsar. 
Embrace the words Love and Patience, if you desire to win a place in heaven and earth
Moidechi pisai.
As great as a fool as the people of Moira village, who try to collect sun rays
in a barrel so that they may have sunshine in the rainy weather.

Mojem marlem xentar, boil gheleat ghanttar

Mollbak dolle pautat, punn hath pavona.

Mollbar polleun cholta to, fondant poddta.
He who runs while contemplating the firmament, will stumble.

Mon borem aslear, Deu dhon dita 

Monant aslea bogor tonddant iena. 
Unless it is in the mind it will not come to your mouth.
one always speaks out his mind

Monant asa tem sopnant dista
What’s there in the mind is visible in a dream

Montrian sanglear ambe zoddtat?

Moronn fondaxim pautoch zodd lagta.

Mortoleak kot'ti bhor udok puro.

Moth aslear, poth nam

Mou meuta thuim konnuim khonddtta. / Mov aslole kodden khonnop
Digging where the ground is soft. Taking advantage of another's kindness.
To dig where the ground is soft. To press where it would yield
Mui zaun sakor khaunk zai.
Humility and selfishness pay rich rewards.

Mukhar voita zoth (plough), toxem fatlean ieta.

Municipalitichea khustar kolvotank nachonk kitem zalam?

Munxeak utor, gorvak daiem.
Just as the rope ties up the cattle, so does a word tie up a man.
Reasoned answers silence many a man

Munis chinta ek, Dev korta dusrem.
Man thinks in one way, God does it in another way.Man proposes, God disposes
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