Thursday, August 28, 2008

Konkani Proverbs N-O

Nachonk noko zalear, angonn vankddem
When one does not know to dance, he finds fault with the court-yard calling it uneven.

Nachteleache paiem melltat ani poiteleache dolle volltat.
The legs of the person who dances get soiled and the eyes
of the man who sees get strained. Those that toil know the troubles.

Naddachem ghor padd.

Nahtana nahli nagddi, nidtanam laili mandri

Naka naka mhunnon voklen dedxem ghore khaile

Nakak dhorlear, tondd ugttem zata.
The mouth is not opened unless you press the nose. You should attack
the weak points in a man and he does submit to you.

Nakan jeulear pott bhoronam!
You cannot fill your belly if you eat thru the nose. You have to toil
yourslef if you want to succeed.
Narl padlearui roddchem, tel vinklearui roddchem
Cribbing for everything

Narlkar roddta narlak, telkar roddta telak.
The coconut dealer cries for his nuts are too tender, and the oilmen
cries too Because he does not get full quantity of oil from them.
An initial mistake makes everybody suffer.

Nessunk nozo zaleari pinzun bhair uddoita.
To throw away a cloth after tearing it up, because one is not able
too wear it. Some people will not give things to others even if its useless to him.
Nhoi masli, nhoi mas, kiteak ghalta fas?
It is neither fish nor flesh, why are you killing with it?

Nidleleak zagounk zata, zago asleleak koso zagoumcho?
You can wake up a sleeping man, how can you wake up a man who is awake?
Nidlolo ani melolo monis ek sarko.
The sleeping man and dead are the same.
Nidlolo nidon gelo, sophear bosloleachea aand kaple.
The wrong man was punished for the criminal fault of another.
The adulterer ran away And the man sleeping in the verandah had his balls cut off.

Nidui zai ani f**-ui zai?

Nillu mozo Nillu, kolteanim khellum, Ghor zoll'lear zollum, Punn Nillu
mozo khellum.
Let my Nillu play and play with fire, let him burn the house but let him play.
Over indulgence to a child results in ruin.

Nirmonn tem formonn.

Niss (rice water) pieleli sun motti zali, xit jeuleli maim bhagon geli.

(evil thouhts finally fail)

Niz mogachem moll duddvamni zainam 
True value of love cannot be weighed with money.

Noddichem kaddit punn boddichem kaddum nezo”
Means that 60 per cent of a child’s personality is influenced by the parents and the remaining 40 per cent is influenced by its surroundings.
Nondnni koxii zanv, koddnom ghott

Nouro-ui mono ani okol-ui moni

Noxib tor ganddu, kitem kortolo Pandu?

Oh munntlear toh gomona
Does'nt know a damn thing.
Oixim, jiv zalo doxim, fondda sorxim.
After eighty, life's closer to the grave.
Okol randd zanv, novro randd zanv, bottache athar duddu udoi.
Let the bride be widow or the bridegroom be a widower give the priest his money.
Omtea kollxear udok rokop
To pour water over a pot with its mouth turned downwords.

Ordea maddar choddon ath soddche nhoi.
If you climb up half the coconut tree and if you let your hands,
the result will be disastrous. Do not give up your heart when you have
progressed half the way.
Orlen-ui dhoronam ani supan-ui dhoronam

Updated 20/7/2015