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Konkani Proverbs - P

Padde baint ganvkar.
The headman had hidden himslef in a dry well, asking an old women

not to inform anyone of it. But when pressed the lady who was not
a friend of the headman said “Dont bother me, the headmen might
have gone into a dry well”

Padr Vigar poddla boballar, igorz nagoili.
If the Padre engages himself in activities his own sphere, the church

will be looted. If you neglect your duties, you will lose your all.

Padre-ak nib ornamchem

Padricho sermanv lokak.

Padrinche sermanv vhoneik nhoim. 

Paiem chuklear hoti legun poddta.
If there is a slip of the foot, even the elephant falls down.

Even big maen fall, when they lose the balance in business

Paiemank laglear pusun udovchem.
If you happen to trample on filth, rub it off the footh then and there.

Do not carry small things to extremes.

Paiemchi vann paiemkuch bori.
The sandals are good for the foot alone

Paiemcho kantto kaddunk kuraddi kiteak?
Why use an axe to remove the thorn from the foot.

Little ailings must have little remedies.

Pakte eunchea adim udonk tozvit korchi nhoi.

Pallkent boson bhik magop.
To go begging sitting in a palanquin. A begger on a horseback

Panvollachea niban, moskak udok

Patkacho khuris

Patki tho ghatki

Patki zalear kaim nezo punn ghatki zainaka.
Never mind if you are a sinner but dont' be a traitor

Patoll guant boddi ghalinaka.

Pavsak bhivon nhoint udki marta.
Being afraid of rain, one throws himself into the river. From frying pan to fire.

Pezek naxil’lo xitak roddta.
A man who cannot get gruel, cries for boiled rice. It is no use crying

for things beyond your reach

Pinzloleant paim, sizoil'leant dai.
Don't worsen the situation. If you move the spoon too much

in the boiled food that food will also spoil

Pixeachea athant dili vath, pisso nachta sogli rath.
If you give a lamp in the hands of a demented fool, he will dance

the whole night. Those you are undeserving should not be raised to positions of trust.

Pixeak budh xikoita to odik piso.
The one who advises a fool is an even bigger fool.'
Poddta tho vaddta.
The man who falls grows also. Unless you experience defeats you cannot win.

Poile ail’le kan bore, magir ail’le xingh borem nhoi.
The soft horns which the animal gets first are safer than the horns that sprout later on.

Poilem bhurgem, bhurgem num, Dusrem bhurgem, bhurgem.
Tisrem bhurgem, satisfasanv, Choutem bhurgem tentesanv, Panchvem bhurgem maldisanv.The first child is not a child, the second child is a child. The third child is satisfaction, The fourth is a havoc, and the fifth a curse. The less the better.

Poilem pottoba, magir vithobaa.
First satiate your hunger, then say your prayer.

Poixile dongor sazre, lagxile dongor hagre.
Distant hills look beautiful; near ones are ugly. Polleat re dolleani, aikat re kanani, jib damun boss.
Let eyes see and ears hear but let the tounge stop or shut up.

Often we must feign ignorance though we may be knowing things.
Give thy ear to all, but to few they tongue
Pon’noss lipoin dourit punn tacho vas lipounk zanvchonam.
You can hide a jackfruit but not its fragrance.

Ponktik chuklear zata, jevnnak chukonaka.
He may miss the function but not the banquet.

Porkeamchea mattvant uddarponn.
To be extravagant in another’s pandal. To enjoy excessively at others expense

Potachi nalli ani kanachi palli vaddta titli vaddta.
If you allow the stomach to grow, it grows like the hole in

the lobe of the ear. They both grow and grow. The more you
enjoy the greater your wish for enjoyment.

Pott bhorlam, mhonnun gandd xivonneo ghalta.

Pott bhortuch, ghore ambott.

Pott marun zoth kelem, ani vagan khailem.
A farmer bought a pair of bullocks for his plough by starving himself

and the pair fell prey to the tiger. We save at great inconvenience
to ourselves, but all of a sudden a calamity overtakes us and deprives
us of all that we have saved.
Pottache bhukek, kazreachim follam
Povpi budlo zalear sandnam visronam.
The diver does not forget his cakes on which he set his heart though

he may be sinking. There are persons who will not give up their desires,
though they may be in peril.

Purannantlim vaingim xeakek upkaronant
Purtugalcho khampri.
In order to annoy the Portugese who are fair in complexion, they are called
Portugese Negroes. An insulting expression.

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