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Konkani Proverbs - S

Sanddleleachem mon bara kodden/Sandileachem mon dha kodden.
If a man has lost anything he thinks it may have been lost at ten places.
One tries a number of ways to gain back what one has lost.

Sangil'lem poros kel'lem borem, nak apttun mel'lem borem.
Better to practice than preach, otherwise dig your own grave.

Sangta tujem tond, aikota mojem bonk

Sanjek nasleleak mijeas chod

Shigmeant paus, chovtent gim.
Rain during the shigmo festival and summer during Ganpati festival.

Refers to unseasonable and wrong happenings.

Sankvar choddon follem vodop/tannop
To pull the plank after making one get on the bridge made of planks.
To encourage a man in starting an adventure, and then to do all sorts of harm to him.

Satt baimchem udok pielo

Sezarean bhurgeank poslelim zalear, maim pai kiteak?

Soblem bhaint poddlem, pun koblem nitoll zalem.
A Christian woman who never washed herself, fell into well

and came out with her hair clean.

Sogleamche randnim kodde tench bannxirem !

Soglim bottam eksarki nastat. Panchui bottam ek sarkim noi.
All the fingers are not equal. Five fingers are not the same. Though children

of the same parents, there is difference in their character, nature etc.

Soirea pormonnem, ghor zainam

Soireamnim khelolem ghor nhoi, ani xerkamnim khelolem xet nhoi.
One cannot rely on someone else to look after one's own house

Soiro mhunnchen hoi melo, ani paus mhunnchen hoi gelo

Sokoll dovorlear mui khata, voir dovorlear kanvllo khata

Sonsta taka Dev posta

Sonsta to bhagivont

Sonso aple donui kan’ dolleancher haddtta Ani sonvsar damplo mhonn somzota.
(Sonxan kan dhanplear sonsar dhanponam.)

The rabbit covers his eyes with his ears and thinks that he has covered the world
Sorop apli kath sodit, punn aplem vingans soddinam.

Sorop mataro zalear, vikh matarem zata?

Sorop mhoncho nhoi dakhlo, firngi mhoncho nhoi aplo.
None dare say that a snake is small or that a Portuguese is one of us) .

Sot tem sot voir sorlea xivaim rauchem nam

Soth sanglear ghou marta, fott sanglear Dev marta.
If truth is spoken, the husband admonishes, If lies are told, God punishes..

Sotha fuddem xanneponn cholonam
Wisdom or reason has to bend low before authority. Might is right

Sottie ratik boroilelem chukonam

Sovaichem khann, pott fuguem / Sovaichem ravnem fotting.
Cheap things are dear in the end. Cheap things are always spoiled and

produce colicky pains when eaten

Sovkasaien chollear, adollna.
If you walk slowly, you do not stumble.

Sukhea barabor volleim lasta, patkea khatir nitivont khast bhogta.
A good person also suffers.

Sumb zol'lem tori tacho voll vochonam. / Sumb lasta pun entto urta
If the coir-rope is burnt the shape is not destroyed...this refers to people who however much they are punised, will not give up their bad habits.

Sumb naxil’lem bandhop
To tie without using cords. This is in reference to man who without

being tied with cords feels the pain of bondage or slavery.

Sundori suropai, rokdich bauta, fulla bhaxen

Sun ghotto khaina, moddkent kai nam.
The mother-in-law praises her daughter-in- law for her delicate appetite,

but her cooking pots are practically empty. This shows that tht so called
delicate daughter-in-law must have polished off all the cooked food in the house.

Sunecho gunn humbrya bitor ietanch kollta
The character of the daughter-in-law is recognised when she crosses the threshold.Sunneachi xempddi vankddi ti vankddi, nollient ghatlear pasun nitt
zainam. Sunneachi xempdi nollient ghatlear torui vankdi.
The dog’s tail is always curved. It cannot be straightened even if you

insert it in the straight tube.. Wicked peole do not change thei nature

Sunneak soglo narl.
A whole coconut given to a dog. If a dog is given a husked coconut,

it will not be able to get at the kernel and so eat it, therefore no use to him.
Similarly if anything is given to a person which is no use to him this proverb is used.

Sunnean chablem mhonn, sunneank chabom ieta?
Can you bite a dog because he has bitten you?

Tit for Tat  isnt the best - Retaliation for an offense has to be appropriate.

Supantle anstat, olletile rodtat
Rice grains in the winnowing fan laugh; those destined for the pot weep

Suriani zogoddxi, surianich morxi.

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