Sunday, September 7, 2008

Konkani Proverbs - T

Tache lagim soglleamchea mhateak zaupachem chepem assa

Taka toklo asa, punn tokli na

Tanteant astanam saad ghalta.
The chic crows while yet in the egg. There are some who wants to
assert their superiority and wisdom while yet in their teens. Taplelea tovear bhakri bhaza.
Bake the chapati when the pan is hot.

Tari duddu divun povon vochop.
Having paid money for the ferry to cross the river, one is obliged to come

across swimming. Having paid the hotel charges, one has to go on an
empty stomach.

Tarrum marunk gel’le aile, pott marunk gel’le ieunk na.
The men who had gone to load the ship with cargo have returned,

but the sailors who have gone on the ship as servants have not returned.
It is easier to fill the ship Than the belly.

Te poder mele, te undde kobar zale/Te firngi gele, te undde kabar zale.
The Portuguese have gone and the bread is no more. The days no more.

Tel sodanch voir rauta, udkan kednach buddonam.

Tempa pormonnem matear kurponnem

Tendlek biem chodd ani mottveak buddhi chodd.
The small fruit tendli has many seeds and short has more wisdom.

Short men are generally supposed to be wise.

Terrace chea ghoran petrolacho divo sobta?

Thoddeant goddi assa.
In little lies sweetness.

Thond vankdem zalear arxo vankdo mhunno yeta?
If the face be ugly, the mirror cannot be said to be ugly. You look as you are.

Thondaient kamboll zodd konnak lagta?
Who feels the blanket heavy when there is you do not feel those troublesome who help you in your peril. Thondan bore, potant vikache polle.
Sweet in words but poison in the belly. (persons who talk sweet but are dangerous) same as thondan mog...kallzant rag. Thondant bott ghatlear chabonk kollona. One does not know how to bite at a finger placed in his mouth. Innocent person

Thondant mogem, kallzant rogem.
Loving words in the mouth but disease in heart.

Thonteachem vo bhottachem.
Let it belong to anybody either a lame or to a priest. I dont care, I must have it.

Tugelea goddeak tin paiem
Your horse has three legs. Whatever you say is right

Tigur (fish) dhortole zaler, aaand bizonk zai/ Ang bizoilea bogor nustem dhorunk nezo.
You cannot catch marshy fish unless you get wet. You have to toil and run risks.

Tollem rakhtolo udkak moronam.
A man who preserves a tank will not be in want of water.

Those that make provision for bad times are happy.

Tondd ainsachem bonk.
Refers to people who cant keep secrets to themselves.

Tondd aslear xhar falt nam

Tondd cholta toxe hatui cholonk zai.

Tondd naslem zalear kanvlle tonchun khatele asle.

Tonddar bole athint fole

Tonnan vag marpachi chod sonvoi.

Tujea khatir kelem pun maka mell'lem"
It was made for you, but in the end it belongs to me. (This proverb originated in the popular legend which relates that the Parajhatak tree had been planted by Krishna in the courtyard of his wife Satyabhama, but that the flowers of the tree fell into the courtyard of his favourite wife Rukmini) Tujench tambddem

Tujich savlli (shadow) bhaxen tujim mhellim kortubam ghevn bovum naka

Tum hag mhunntai tedna maka hagonk zaunk naka?

Tum konnak sangtai xapottam, tuji xendi assa mojea athin

Tum patki zalear kainch nezzo, pun ghatti zainakai

Tup khateleachem rup kollta

Tup(ghee) meuta mhunn lenna khaunchim nhoi

Tenkdden mhonv kaddlear tonddant poddona.
If a honey comb is plucked with a stick (with a hook on it) it does not fall in the mouth. One has to make use of the right tools to get the desired results.

Tujea dolleant vanso astana dusreanchea dolleantlem kiskutt kaddinaka.
When one has a wooden log in one's eye, one should not pick small specks of dust from others eyes.Do not find fault with others