Sunday, September 7, 2008

Konkani Proverbs - U

Ubo ass meren lakhacho, mortoch funkeacho.
As long as man is alive he is worth lakhs of rupees, after he dies his worth is nothing.

Udkant haglear, voir einastanam rauta?
Cannot hide things.

Uddta tho sodanch buddta
The one who jumps high, falls down. Pride goes before a fall

Udetelea suriak konnuim nomoskar korta.

Udkachea bollar sungott udta.
The shrimp jumps because it has the backing of water.
The man spurns others because he has riches...

Udkantlem bebuk udok pielea bogor ravta?
A frog living in water cannot but enjoy some of that reference to man entrusted with money.

Uloitoleachem tondd dhorum nozo, Xetachi noddnni kaddun sompoum nozo.
To hold the mouth of a speaker is mindless And reaping of weeds is endless.

Ul'lounk kollona zalear thond dampchem.
If you dont know to talk shut your mouth. Silence is golden when one
does not know how to speak.

Undrachea Ragan, Gharak Uzo laita.
The foolish man sets his home on fire , to destroy the rats that infest his house.

Undrak Mazor govai.
The cat to act as surety to the rat such sureties cannot be depended upon as sooner or later they are sure to take advantage of it.

Undrak marlear Ghonsak lagta.
The God Ganesh gets annoyed if his ridding animal – the mouse is beaten. If those in association with big people are troubled, those big people take it as a personal affront.

Undrak loknnacho vavr kiteak?
Why should the rat go on nibbling iron?

Do not undertake jobs beyond your own capacity.

Udaro poddon thu korop.
To spit while lying on ones back. When he does that the spit falls on

his own body. To bring misfortunes on oneself by owns actions.

Uddareamchem pottem sodanch ritem.
A man who buys on credit, always has an empty sack

Undir hagta kitem ani xanni tapta kitem?
Cowdung is dried and made into cakes for lighting fires.

A man wanted to collect the dung of rats and use it in the same way.
When income is little one cannot have any savings.

Undir ani Mazor.
Cat and rat. Natural enimity like that of the cat and the rat

Undir Malacca gelo.
The rat has gone to Malacca islands and returned in no way wiser.
This is in reference to persons who brag about their wisdom,

simply because they have visited foreign parts.

Un dudacho ghont, gillunkui nezo, bhair udonk nezo.

Umollpak pad ani jeupak vad.
Cannot wash clothes but wants free meals.

Upaxeak diunk naka xrap, Ani bhorloleak divnk naka axirvad.
Never curse the hungry and bless the well-fed.

Uzzea kodem, ani dhoria kodem, fokannan nhoim

Uzzo gillun, Ingalle haglo.Uzo mhuntlear ang lasta?
Does the mere utterance of the word fire, burns ones body?

Uzeak gelear, koilak patiena.
When you go to the neighbours to get some embers for lighting the fire
at your place the neighbour when asked to lend a piece of broken tile

or plate on which to carry the embers, refuses to do so.

Uzeant tel
Putting oil into fire. Adding insult to injury.

Uxtea athani kanvleak ambaddina.
One who does not like to drive away the crow by hand which he has taken

meals Or when his hand is full of food particles. (selfish man who never does charity)

Uxnem diun dublo bikari zalo, utor diun lakhpoti bikari zalo.
A poor man became a beggar lending, and rich man by promising.

The poor should Not lend n the rich should not promise.

updated 20/7/2015